Winning Larger Than Life Prizes at Dollywood

Have you ever wondered who wins those huge prizes at theme parks? That’s my family during most of our visits to Dollywood. We’ve been the ones trying to figure out how to fit a 4-foot stuffed “something” into a Prius on a number of occasions!

Playing games and winning prizes has become a bit of a family tradition of ours, and one we share with our friends who visit Dollywood with us. The teen boys, in particular, have a friendly rivalry. Usually, they care more about winning and less about the prize—they have given their prizes away to younger guests on multiple occasions.

The tradition started years ago on an early visit to Dollywood. My son wanted to play a game, but I warned him how arcade and carnival games are near impossible to win. He used his own allowance, and promptly won a 5-foot stuffed snake, delighted to prove me wrong! He’s gone on to win dozens of times since.

You’ll find these type of games in two areas of the park: Country Fair and the top of Craftsman’s Valley, next to Tennessee Tornado. Country Fair is home to many rides for younger guests as well as a variety of games. There’s a spot where little ones can “fish” to earn a prize every time, and next to it is the area where my son likes to try to knock milk bottles off a bucket. Blaise has gotten on such a winning streak here, that on several occasions other guests have asked him to win them things! He was happy to oblige.

Next to Tennessee Tornado, you’ll find another grouping of games including a basketball game that can be very fun to watch. I’m proud to say my son picks the Boston Celtics for winning balls!

I’m old school, and ski ball and air hockey are my favorite games to play. I also like the fact these games are in a climate-controlled arcade.

Also in this area is the water balloon race where you shoot a water gun. This game is my daughter’s favorite because there is a prize every game, and you only need two players. If you choose your opponents strategically, it’s an easy win!

It’s a fun family tradition on our visits to Dollywood, and my kids enjoy it so much they typically bring a bit of allowance with the sole intention of playing a game, and winning something fun!

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Jennifer Chasse (Dollywood Insider 2016-2018) is a New England transplant who now calls Virginia home. When Jennifer’s family discovered Dollywood, they began making weekend excursions to the Smoky Mountains. That turned into Dollywood Season Passes. Jennifer says her family loves Dollywood because of the skilled craftsmen, family entertainment, and thrilling rides. They have enjoyed the park for several years and they continue to find new reasons to visit! Jennifer works in publishing and is an active volunteer in her community. You can learn more about Jennifer and connect with her at JenniferConnects.com.
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