Where to Find Pressed Pennies at Dollywood

My love of pressed pennies stems from road trips I took with my grandparents as a young child. With more than twenty grandchildren and normally several in tow, they didn’t have a lot of money for souvenirs when we stopped at attractions. But Grandpa always dug through his change jar and gave each of us a few coins to spend before our excursion. I don’t know how my grandma and grandpa did it, but they always made sure each of us returned home with a special trinket from our trip which was often a single pressed penny. Sadly, those precious pennies have been misplaced over the years, but that sweet memory is not forgotten.

My love for pressed pennies has followed me into adulthood and on a visit to Dollywood last fall, I made it my mission to find all the pressed penny machines on the property. There are plenty! With eight machines that each offer three options to choose from, one afternoon at Dollywood is all it will take to begin to grow your own collection and remember a fun-filled day with a few inexpensive souvenirs.

So, save those quarters and pennies and grab a map as you enter the park. You’ll need it to help you find the pressed penny machines that are located from The Emporium to Craftsman’s Valley to Timber Canyon and many places in between.

Where to find Pressed Pennies in Dollywood

  • Country Fair, in the games area

  • Craftsman’s Valley, Hillside General Store

  • Craftsman’s Valley, in the games area

  • Craftsman’s Valley, Tennessee Tornado

  • Timber Canyon, Mystery Mine

  • Rivertown Junction, Mountain Laurel Home

  • Showstreet, Entrance of the Emporium

  • Showstreet, Exit of the Emporium

If you forget to jot these down or have problems finding the machines in the park, simply ask someone who works at Dollywood to assist you.

Press Pennies like a Pro with a few Easy Tips

  1. Each penny will cost you a total of 51 cents. The machines only accept quarters and pennies so plan accordingly.
  2. Use Pre-1982 pennies which have a higher concentration of copper versus newer pennies and avoid the silver streaks that come with pennies made with less copper and a higher zinc content.
  3. Clean your pennies before pressing them.
  4. Polish your pennies at home after you press them.
  5. Pack something to store your pennies in. While many destinations sell pressed penny books that allow you to store your pennies, a plastic baggie that closes securely is another option to keep your pennies safe until you return home.
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