What is a Pink Jeep Adventure Tour?

My expectations for riding around the Smokies in a pink jeep that looks like it was made by Dolly Parton herself were… well, I actually didn’t even know what to expect. I didn’t know if it would be a leisurely cruise or a fast and furious adventure. I didn’t even know where the ride would take me honestly. But after it was over, I was ready to go again!

While it isn’t actually at Dollywood, this is a great attraction to enjoy if you have a little extra time in the Smokies. I had a lot of questions about this whole Pink Jeep Adventure Tour experience, and with the help of our great guides, I can answer them for you below!

When can you take a tour?
Almost any time!

Tours are available year-round, rain or shine, seven days a week, except Easter and Christmas Day. According to the tour guide, there really isn’t a time of year that’s the most popular because each season provides a different, yet equally exciting experience. You could see different foliage, animals or even snow depending on when you go. Our guide was awesome and shared great information about the area, what trees and plants we passed, the history of the national park—and even about where bears are usually seen.

Insider Tip

This is a great activity to do on a day that Dollywood is closed/during the off-season. The whole family can participate, and it’s the perfect balance of thrill and relaxation.

What should you wear?
Something pink to match the jeep, of course! Kidding… although my group did just for fun.

I would recommended wearing comfortable, weather-appropriate outdoor clothing and closed-toed shoes because there are some great opportunities to get out and explore. During my trip, it was pretty cold and even a little rainy in some spots (thankfully, the jeep is covered and was nice and warm inside), so I’d also suggest maybe bringing a rain poncho or jacket because the mountains can be unpredictable when it comes to the weather.

Will it feel like training for NASCAR?
I seriously had this question.

I was nervous about what the tour entailed, because while I do enjoy theme park rides, I don’t particularly have a need for speed when it comes to being in a vehicle on the road. Thankfully, it didn’t need to be a concern, because you can actually choose which tour you’d like to take based on where it goes. Some include off-roading, and some don’t.

Even with the off-roading, it’s not too much of an adrenaline rush, more an exciting thrill, and even the little family members can participate.

Who can ride?
Passengers as young as 2 years old and as old as 100 can enjoy a Pink Jeep Adventure Tour. And if you’re worried about car seat safety, that’s not even a problem. When you book your tour, you provide the ages of any children participating, and if they’re between 2 and 4,  a car seat will be provided. Fun fact, if you’re a dog parent, you can even bring your furry child along for the ride if they are less than 15 lbs. and are in a soft-sided carrier.

Insider Tip

Expectant mothers are welcome to come along for the ride. However, if a tour with the off-roading experience is chosen, you would be required to sit out for that portion and are given the opportunity to view some scenery while you wait.

How many can ride?
These Jeeps hold up to seven guests.

There were actually two vehicles on my tour that stayed together the whole time, so if you are with a bigger group, that can be coordinated. In order to qualify for the group rate, your group would need to have 15 or more passengers.

What will you see?

So many things!

I highly recommend bringing a camera, because there were so many great picture spots and amazing opportunities for family photos. Even though I have lived close to the Smoky Mountains my whole life, I got to see and learn about things I never had before, and that made the experience really unique and special.

Whether you’re local or from out of town, I would absolutely suggest taking a tour, not only to explore the area in a new and exciting way but also because you’ll look pretty fabulous riding around in a Jeep that’s pink!

Schedule your own Smoky Mountain Adventure Tour.

Watch this video below to get a better idea of the experience!

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