Which Water Park Locker Is Best for You?

How many of you visit Dollywood’s Splash Country and rent a locker to hold your belongings? My family does, but I always wonder which locker size works best for our needs. On my last trip, I was able to check out the different locker sizes and test what I could fit in each size.

Dollywood’s Splash Country has almost 900 lockers located throughout the park, and they come in three sizes—small, large and jumbo. Small lockers are $10 for the day, $15 for large, and $20 for the jumbo size. Most of the lockers are near the wave pool because that area is the most-central location in the park, but you can find lockers near the front, in The Cascades area and adjacent to the Little Creek Falls area.

Reserving a locker is very simple using the self-service kiosk. You open the lockers by using a number keypad so you are able to open and close it as many times needed throughout the day!

Check out the different size lockers and what I was able to fit in each.

Locker Size: Small

In the small locker, I was able to easily fit a rope sling backpack and a couple pairs of shoes. In the backpack, I had a change of clothes, wallet, keys and Season Passes. I was able to fit some shoes in there, too, because I did not want to keep track of those all day. Plus, there was still room for a towel or souvenir cups!

I’d say this size of locker is perfect for individuals or couples who do not have large bags and accessories to bring into the park.

Insider Tip

Generally, the lockers at the front of the park get reserved first. I think it’s important you know that most of the lockers are near the wave pool. This is more centralized, so I recommend you walk past the lockers at the entrance to find more options.

Locker Size: Large

In the large locker, I was able to fit a canvas pool bag measuring 25 inches wide and 14 inches high. The pool bag was filled with sunscreen, towels, shoes, kids’ goggles, personal valuables and souvenir cups. There also was additional room in the locker to shove in other items as well.

I think this size of locker is perfect for families with a few kids who bring all of the necessary items to have a successful day at Splash Country.

Locker Size: Jumbo

In the jumbo locker, I was able fit a large rubber beach bag that’s not as malleable as a canvas bag. The locker was tall enough for me to put the bag on its side and still left plenty of room for items that I acquired during the day (hello, children and a trip to the gift shop). In this locker, I was able to fit everything I did in the large-sized locker, but there was much more room to accommodate extra towels, shoes, clothes, personal valuables and more!

In my opinion, this locker is ideal for groups, large families or multiple families who are visiting the park together and are willing to share.

Insider Tip

If you ever have any issues with your locker, visit Riverside Trading Post and the friendly hosts there will be happy to help you!

I was able to figure out which locker size works best for my family, and I hope this will help you determine which specific locker size you need the next time you visit Dollywood’s Splash Country!

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