Video Journal: The Sounds of Dollywood

Dollywood is a five-senses experience. I want to highlight the sounds of the park. In this video, you’ll hear many of the iconic sounds guests love the most: starting with the grist mill’s water wheel and progressing through music, attractions, entertainers and the most iconic Dollywood sound of them all. Can you guess the famous sound to which I’m referring?

My hope for you is that the next time you are at Dollywood, you take just a few minutes and listen for the various sounds all around you. Some of those sounds may be new experiences waiting to happen.

Insider Tip

Don’t hesitate to strike up a conversation with Dollywood hosts—especially the entertainers. Many times, they will stop and talk with you and possibly serenade you!

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About the Author:

Louis Davidson (Dollywood Insider 2021-2022) is a computer programmer by trade, working as a data architect for the past 25 years, and has been a Microsoft MVP for 17 years. As a professional hobby, Louis writes books and blogs about database technology. For his fun hobby, he takes pictures at theme parks and posts them to social media almost every day of the year.
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