Tracking My Savings with Dollywood Season Passes

Dollywood has been a huge part of my family-fun for the past few years. With rides, games, great food, shows, taking pictures and finding cool souvenirs, it is easy to see how a day at Dollywood can provide so much entertainment for my crew. Aside from the fact that we truly love Dollywood, one of the reasons we have become Season Passholders year after year is the great savings that come from these passes!

There are new Season Pass options this year. Your family can enjoy all the things you love about Dollywood multiple times throughout the year—and manage to save quite a bit of money along the way. I decided to track my savings to demonstrate why Dollywood Season Passes can be a top-notch investment for your family.

Let’s do a little cost estimating to get us started.

What Does It Cost?

I have a family of five. Let me explain how I would advise you to get the best value in a situation similar to mine.

I’m going to get a Diamond Pass. The Diamond is the best-of-the-best: it offers unlimited access to both parks, free parking all season (including one complimentary upgrade to Preferred Parking), an all-season unlimited refills mug, six Bring-A-Friend-Free tickets, the best discounts on food/merchandise/lodging (20%), plus access to the new Golden Hours and Sneak Peek events.

Did You Know?

Golden Hours are a new perk for Dollywood Gold and Diamond Passholders. For the first hour of each operational day, guests can use their Gold or Diamond Pass to enter the TimeSaver line for their favorite rides! Each guest must have their own Gold or Diamond Pass. Yes, children younger than 4 (and those with a Pre-K Imagination Pass) may accompany Gold and Diamond Passholders!

For my husband and my children, I recommend Gold 2-Park Passes. We definitely visit both Dollywood and Dollywood’s Splash Country during the summer months, so the $55 price tag to upgrade for unlimited visits to the water park is a great value. With each 2-Park Gold Season Pass, we’ll receive unlimited access to both parks, free general parking all season, a one-day unlimited refills mug (refills are $.99 after that), four Bring-A-Friend-Free tickets, a discount on food/merchandise/lodging (15%), plus access to the new Golden Hours and Sneak Peek events.

I want to give you a few notes here:

  • My twins just turned 10. They will need adult passes for the first time this next season. For children 4-9 years old (and for seniors for that matter!) tickets and passes are $10 less than adult tickets.
  • I also have an infant. He doesn’t need a ticket until he turns 4!
  • If your child was born in 2017 or 2018, be sure to register for a FREE Pre-K Imagination Pass!

So, let’s take a look at the total:

1 Diamond Pass- $304, plus tax

3 2-Park Gold Passes- $294, plus tax each

To make it easier to budget, I recommend the payment plan. There’s no interest and you can play as you go. As long as you are current on your payments, you can enjoy all Dollywood has to offer any time you want to visit. The earlier you buy, the longer you have on the term of your payment plan.

Buy now and the payment plan would cost less than $33 per person per month for one Diamond and three 2-Park Gold Passes.

What Are the Savings?

I hopped on the Dollywood website to get an idea of what it would cost my family of five to visit Dollywood this month for just one day (doing the same things) if we weren’t Season Passholders.

  • Preferred Parking- $35
  • One Day Ticket ($84) x 4 adults- $336
  • One Day Ticket for Infant- Free

Total Cost Estimate without Season Passes- $371, plus tax

However, with one Diamond and three Gold 2-Park Passes, here is my preliminary estimate of the cost of one visit:

  • Preferred Parking- FREE (and we’ll get free General Parking the rest of the season!)
  • Season Pass price based on the average of four visits a year (though, we’ll probably come more): $267.75
  • One Day Ticket for Infant- Free

Total Estimate with our Season Pass-$267.75

Estimated Savings in one visit: $108.25 on admission and parking alone

That is quite a bit of savings for us that adds up over the course of the year! Now, I want to put my estimates to the test! We will likely eat and buy souvenirs for the kids, which will lead to more discounts because of my Diamond Pass. I will track our actual costs over the next few months for our Dollywood visits and provide you an update in August of all our savings.

With all the savings and perks that come with these passes, I know it will be worth it for your family, too!

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About the Author:

A North Carolina native, Meredith has lived in the Boone area since 1997, when she came to Appalachian State as a student. Life is never dull when she is spending time with her husband, twin 11-year-old boys and 2-year-old son. Her days are full supporting teachers and students as a school district administrator, running a small business and enjoying friends and family. You can follow her adventures on Instagram. Her family has been visiting Dollywood and Dollywood’s Splash Country for the past six years, and it has become a big part of family life. Special occasions are often celebrated at the resort and the two parks, and day trips to the parks are a regular occurrence. While at the parks, you can find her on rides, browsing in her favorite shops, snacking on cinnamon bread and loving every moment. She is so excited to share her love for all things Dollywood with you, so your family can make wonderful memories, too!
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