My Tips to Help You Maximize Your Ride Time at Dollywood

Waiting in line (especially with young kids) isn’t as much fun as the payoff of getting to swoosh around on your favorite roller coaster. But, lines are a part of any theme park experience. So, let’s chat about how to maximize your time RIDING! That way, you will get the most enjoyment from your next Dollywood visit.

Here are some Dollywood tips that work great for my family of five:

  • Go “left” after you enter the park. This sounds like a simple tip, but don’t be surprised how many people will go to the right. You’ll start with an advantage and avoid the natural congestion of typical park flow. Plus, there are epic roller coasters to the left like Thunderhead and Mystery Mine!
  • Decide on the top rides to hit ahead of time. Head straight to that ride you are looking forward to the most. It takes a bit for lines to build. Arriving early and heading straight to your favorite is not a guarantee that you’ll be the only passenger, but it definitely won’t hurt to have a plan.
  • Use the Dollywood app to know which rides have the shortest wait times. This is a huge help with creating the ideal route through the park. You can see what other attractions are just around the bend. Sorting the rides based on the closest to you is just one of the ways to filter through all the options quickly.
  • Close the park down. During our family’s many, many visits to Dollywood, we noticed that the last hour before closing is when people start leaving the park. While you may be thinking your day is over—if you can reach down deep—it’s well worth the energy investment to stay until the end. One particular visit we rode four of the most popular roller coasters all within the last hour of park operation!
  • Grab the Timesaver Pass. If you are the type of person who can’t get enough ride time, do yourself a favor and get a TimeSaver pass! On popular days the park can get busy. This pass helps expedite time between the exhilaration of your last ride and the excitement of getting onto the next one by allowing you access to shorter wait times.

Wait times are not fully avoidable, but these tips will help you maximize your experience for flying around on the Dollywood attractions.

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About the Author:

Kristin was born and raised in Maine. One year ago, her family of five sold their Maine home, moved into an RV, and traveled the US for eight months. You can find their traveling journey on their Instagram account. When they arrived in East Tennessee, they were reminded of how special this area is: the beauty of the mountains, the hospitality of the people, and of course, all the family fun. They now are East Tennessee residents! After their first trip to Dollywood, they fell in love with everything about the park. They really enjoy how it brings their family together to spend time smiling, eating great food and all the while screaming and laughing while they ride the amazing attractions at Dollywood. Kristin’s favorite ride is Wild Eagle, and rumor has it she has ridden the infamous Lightning Rod once! She cannot wait to share more of her family’s love of spending time together at Dollywood—through all the seasons!
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