Staying Safe at Dollywood: Lost Children

Losing track of a child at Dollywood is something I hope NO ONE experiences EVER!  Unfortunately, it can and does happen.  So below I’ve shared my tips for ways to be prepared in the event a child gets lost in the park.

Take Pics First Thing

The first thing my family does when we enter the park is take pictures—not of the Dollywood sign in front of the Palace Theater (though that is a great picture spot!).

We have each adult in our group take a picture of each child in the group with their camera or smartphone. The reasoning for this is that if we get separated from a child at some point in the day and need to ask assistance from a Dollywood host or security, we can show them exactly what the child looked like that day – right down to the shoes they were wearing or how they were wearing their hair.

Know Who to Go To For Help

Before you start your day at Dollywood, be sure your kids know who they can turn to for help if they find themselves lost.  Point out uniformed Dollywood hosts so in the event a child needs help, they will know who to look for.

Likewise, if you find yourself looking for a lost child, contact the closest available Dollywood host for assistance.

Have a Meeting Spot in Each Section of the Park

Dollywood is too big to reasonably have only one meeting spot so as you make your way through each section of the park, designate a meeting spot should someone stray from the group.  For example, if your group is in Timber Canyon, perhaps you meet at the restrooms across from Whistle Punk Chaser.  If you’re in Country Fair, you can assign the grassy area near Shooting Star and Sky Rider as a meeting spot.

Have these designated in advance with a park map or as you go along so you are sure everyone in your party knows where it is and how to get there if they find themselves separated.

Insider Tip

Some parents write their phone number on their children’s arms. If you like the idea for young children who don’t have your number memorized, but don’t love your digits being broadcast for the world to see, you could have the host at Centralized Measuring write this on your child’s height wrist band. It’s less obvious, but Dollywood hosts know to look for it there!

I sincerely hope you never find yourself in a situation where you’ll need to utilize these tips.  But I hope they can help you feel prepared and keep everyone safe and enjoying a fun day at Dollywood!

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About the Author:

Sarah Marshall (Dollywood Insider 2017-2018) was born and raised in mid-Michigan and has lived in East Tennessee since 2011 with her husband and two amazing daughters. She has worked in the insurance industry for 12 years. Outside of work, Sarah enjoys volunteering as a mentor in her daughter’s Girl Scout troop and attending University of Tennessee sporting events! Sarah has gone to many theme parks around the country and Dollywood is by far her favorite. Her family loves that there is something for everyone – rides, shows, food and shopping! Sarah blogs at TiredMommyTales.com as well as runs the TiredMommyTales YouTube channel.
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