Spin ‘til Your Heart’s Content on These Dollywood Rides

There’s something about spinning that just makes you laugh. Regardless of the speed, twirling around and around is something many of us have done since we were kids: on a swing set, a merry-go-round or even in a swivel chair.

The giggle-inducing, out-of-control sensation that spinning gives us goes hand-in-hand with many of the rides at Dollywood.

So if you enjoy spinning, you can’t miss the six rides below. I’ve ranked them as “mild” or “wild” depending on the intensity of the spin (or spintensity). Of course, you should always check the posted safety guidelines before riding.

Amazing Flying Elephants (Mild)
Location: County Fair

The Amazing Flying Elephants is perfect for younger kids who aren’t quite ready for the crazier spinning rides. They can ride with an adult in an adorable elephant as they revolve at a gentle speed around and around. Riders can also raise and lower their elephants, which creates an even more exciting ride.

Dizzy Disk (Wild)
Location: County Fair

Dizzy Disk is almost as fun to watch as it is to ride. Imagine sitting on the edge of a frisbee as it glides through the air. Here’s how it works: you sit around the edge of a giant disc facing outward. The disc spins as it swings back and forth on a halfpipe-like track. It combines the best of a swing and a spin into one!

Lemon Twist (Mild or Wild)
Location: County Fair

Lemon Twist is a citrusy take on the classic teapots ride. This is a great ride for the entire family because the individual cups are controlled by riders. That means you can spin as much or as little as you want.

Insider Tip

You may want to split your group between two “cups” if some prefer more spinning than others.

Scrambler (Wild)
Location: County Fair

It’s fitting that Scrambler spins in the County Fair area. This type of spinning ride has been a midway classic for decades. You’ll spin (or scramble) fast, so this might not be the best ride for beginner spinners. But once they’ve acclimated to the twist and turns on some of the milder rides, Scrambler will likely become a favorite.

Sky Rider (Mild)
Location: County Fair

Sky Rider offers a breathtaking 360-degree view of County Fair and the Great Smoky Mountains as you and your co-pilot soar 70 feet into the sky. The rotation is more relaxing than intense, so it’s a great ride even for those who don’t care much for spinning. The beautiful view alone is worth the ride.

Waltzing Swinger (Mild)
Location: County Fair

The majestic Waltzing Swinger is another midway classic. You’ll glide gracefully through the air around an ornate top-like structure. It tilts slowly, allowing your seat to soar up and down gently as you fly through the air. For those who don’t care for the heights of Sky Rider, Waltzing Swinger offers a similar sensation but closer to the ground.

Insider Tip

Don't miss the kid-sized seats that are attached to a few of the regular seats. That way, fliers in training can ride alongside mom or dad.

Whether you’re new to the world of spinning or you consider yourself a seasoned spinner, Dollywood has a spinning ride that will twist and twirl you to your heart’s content.

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