Snooping in the Smokies: Dollywood Scavenger Hunt

Being a theme park, of course it’s no secret there are fun things to do at Dollywood. Rides, shows, eating… eating some more. Park days can easily be upbeat and jam-packed. I’ll admit that I often get caught up in the fast-paced theme park life, racing from ride to ride, and wanting to do every activity possible. Sometimes though, it’s nice to just slow down and look around. That’s why I decided to create scavenger hunts for my visits. It’s fun to do by myself because I take time to look for things I normally wouldn’t see otherwise. Also, it’s really fun with a group to add a little competitive edge to the trip by seeing who can find the most things by the end of the day. It helps make all the walking and ride-queueing more entertaining, too.

Below is a list of a few things that could get you started on a Dollywood Scavenger Hunt.

Find the Butterflies

This is a fun one to do with a group, especially with kids. Keep track of all the butterflies you see during the day, and keep the number to yourself until it’s time to leave. It’s fun to talk about who saw which butterflies and where. I’ll give you a hint: there are butterflies all over the park, in places you wouldn’t even expect. In the park–and on merchandise, too!

Insider Tip

Check out this blog post by Insider Megan to get an idea of some butterfly-spotting opportunities.

Dolly Sightings

Even if actually seeing Dolly in person is a rare treat, she’s everywhere in the park. I love seeing how many things I can find in one visit that are directly related to Dolly, like her childhood home, for example. Here’s a hint: I can think of three restaurants that are named based on a connection to Dolly. Do you know what they are?

Spot the Eagles

This one isn’t super-difficult, but sometimes the eagles like to hide way high up on Eagle Mountain so they’re a little harder to spot. With a group, it’s fun to see which ones stand out to different people. And while I’m not one to brag, I usually end up seeing the most in my group.

 Rollercoaster Screamer

This is another fun one to do with a group. It can be pretty easy to find but still funny to search for. As soon as I get into the park (in the parking lot!), I’m ready to listen for that first thrill attraction scream of the day. Whoever notices first gets to check it off their list.

Miss Lillian

Even if I’m not on a scavenger hunt mission, I always try to find Miss Lillian. It’s not as easy as you might think because she and Chicken Little don’t stay in one spot—they like to fly all over the park. If you do find her though, you’re sure to have a good laugh and probably a song or dance, too!

This is just a short list of things to look for, but you can definitely cater it to your family or group to be as easy or as in-depth as you’d like. Have fun and get creative! If you have a really big group, you can even make teams. Along with checking things off the list, I like to take a picture of everything I find, not only so I can have proof that I actually won the hunt (kidding), but so I can have lasting memories of things I might not have seen because I wasn’t looking hard enough.

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