Saving Memories with Dollywood’s Photo Card

When was the last time you said, “I wish I had a camera”?

Sure, nearly everyone carries a camera in their pocket. But what about when you’re at Dollywood and riding Lightning Rod? You can’t rely on a cell phone at that point! (Also, don’t take any devices on rides, they may get scared and jump out of your pocket—seriously though, read this blog about lost items.)

The good news? Dollywood has you covered. Cameras are placed at the perfect spot on many rides to capture the perfect moment. The delight in your eyes as you come barreling down the track on Lightning Rod is captured in a split second flash of light. Or that moment you realize what is happening on Mystery Mine. FLASH! You now have a keepsake.

Another benefit of these pictures is being able to capture the first time you or someone in your party rides one of the roller coasters at Dollywood.

I know for a fact that when I finally get my wife on Wild Eagle, I’m framing that picture! Until then, I suppose I should get her the “I’m a Chicken” shirt instead.

Did you know that you can purchase a Dollywood Photo Card to save all your moments from a day at the park? On top of that, did you know that there are two Photo Card options? Single Day and an Ultimate Photo Card.

By purchasing a Dollywood Photo Card, you gain access to all pictures taken on rides and throughout the park—like the Dollywood sign and other iconic spots. Each host photographer will hand you a slip of paper that can be added to your card before you leave the park. Just stop by the photo booth (Flashbulb Photo) outside the Emporium and get them added. Ride photos can just be scanned to your card. Bam! Memories saved for another day!

Check here for current pricing on the 2019 Ultimate Photo Card—it can be used every time you visit Dollywood this season—and for pricing on a Single Day Card—it gives you access to unlimited pictures for one visit. A single photo is $18 and each additional photo is $5. But, you’ll want to ride Thunderhead or Wild Eagle more than once, so why not get a picture each time?

As a Dollywood Season Passholder, we love getting the Ultimate Photo Card and using it on every trip. It really is the best value to save all those memories. Plus, if you love laughing at the faces made on a coaster (like me), you’ll want to stock up on all those shots.

Insider Tip

If you purchase an Ultimate Photo Card during the Smoky Mountain Christmas Festival this year, it will be good through the end of the 2020 season. Hello, savings!

When you get home, log on to the Dollywood Photo Card website and customize your photos to your liking. Resize photos, set borders and even zoom in and set the framing to your liking. You can even order a mug with your desired photo (additional cost and shipping applies).

If a host tells you to hold out your hand, you’re getting set for a magic shot. When you go to view the photo, you may find a Dollywood Butterfly or a Wildwood Grove’s Franklin Frog sitting in the palm of your hand.

If you desire, you can add additional stickers to your pictures. Like butterflies? Why not add twelve of them?

The customizations are endless and when you’re finished, you can download your photos and save those memories.

Insider Tip

One last tip that may be the best—buy the Ultimate Photo Card and pictures taken at Dollywood’s Splash Country and Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort and Spa are included—think about pictures with Santa!

What is your favorite ride that takes a picture at Dollywood?


About the Author:

Justin Hornback (Dollywood Insider 2019-2021) is the father of an adventurous two-year-old and the husband of a fellow Dollywood enthusiast. Born and raised in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, Justin loves all things hospitality, theatre, film, hotels, travel and history. Most importantly, his daily focus is getting to spend time with family. He shares his adventures on his blog and social media channels at Snapshots Made Yesterday. Justin loves visiting Dollywood (the four-hour drive is worth it!) with his wife and son. They are often found exploring Dollywood with his parents, who have passed on the love for the park. When not at Dollywood, Justin works behind the scenes managing the box office and social media for a performing arts theatre in his hometown.
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