How To Ride [Or Slide] Everything at Dollywood’s Splash Country

Are you prepping for a Dollywood’s Splash Country trip? Good for you! Do you suffer from FOMO and want to make sure you get to ride EVERYTHING? I’m here to give you some tips, tricks and a bit of a plan so that you can make sure to enjoy every single attraction.

Good to Know!

💦 Leave Mountain Waves (wave pool), Downbound Float Trip (lazy river) and any of the kids play areas (including The Cascades, Bear Mountain Fire Tower and Little Creek Falls) until last. Do all of the slides first!

💦 SwiftWater Run tends to have the longest wait in between riders. Therefore, it likely will have the longest wait. RiverRush is the second longest line.

💦 The slides with multiple slide options at the top—such as Slick Rock Racer, TailSpin Racer or Wild River Falls—will typically have the quickest-moving lines.

💦 The group raft rides appear to have long lines, but remember, multiple people can ride on one raft.

The Plan

Upon arriving, ride RiverRush (the water coaster) FIRST! There are a couple reasons this is my strategy. First, most people stop at the first slide they see, so the area around the lazy river gets crowded earlier. Because RiverRush is further into the park, this line gets longer as the day goes along. The second reason I say do this first is that longer wait I mentioned earlier.

After RiverRush, check out the line for Big Bear Plunge. It’s right next to RiverRush. If it’s pretty short, go ahead and do it while you are there. Then, head to SwiftWater Run. This is the one with the giant bowl. Remember, this attraction is in high demand. Get it done early!

Next, do the other group-raft rides next including Raging River Rapids and Big Bear Plunge—if you haven’t already done them. You’ll need at least three riders.

After the raft rides, I would just plan to head back to Slick Rock Racer and work my way through the rest of the slides (including Mountain Twist, Mountain Scream, The Butterfly, Wild River Falls, TailSpin Racer, and Fire Tower Falls).  Don’t forget Fire Tower Falls beside the wave pool and TailSpin Racer near the entrance to the park.

Insider Tip

Several of the attractions have different experiences on the same attraction. So, you may need to plan extra time if you want to REALLY try everything!

Example: On TailSpin Racer, you can choose to dive with your mat racer into tunnels of different opaqueness (some light, low light, no light).

Example: On Mountain Scream, you can choose between two body slides. One is totally open while the other two options are tube slides.

Now you have a game plan to check off every attraction at Dollywood’s Splash Country. What a fun accomplishment! Finish your day in the lazy river or the wave pool, in a Retreat eating BeaverTails or going back to experience some of your favorite slides!

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About the Author:

Heather Wright (Dollywood Insider 2018-2021) was born in Florida but raised in the mountains of East Tennessee. She is a wife and new homeschool mom. Heather’s family is always up for an adventure and exploring the Great Smoky Mountains is their favorite place to go! Heather and her family live on a farm just outside of the Smokies. When she isn’t busy homeschooling, doing boy mom things, serving her community or exploring the area she calls home, she is busy working on her business The Smoky Mountain Mom (www.thesmokymountainmom). Heather feels most at home when visiting Dollywood and is passionate about sharing this amazing place with you!
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