Refillable Mug Questions Answered!

How many readers of this blog have refillable mugs from Dollywood or Dollywood’s Splash Country? I see a LOT of refillable mugs every time I go to the parks, so I am assuming a lot of you are like me and buy one every year for the value and convenience.

But I also know there may be some confusion over the refills – can I get refills just the year I buy the mug or forever? Which mug is the best deal? And what about the mugs I’ve had stashed away in a cabinet forever – can I still use those?

I had the opportunity recently to have some of my questions answered by Lynette Hill, Dollywood’s Senior Business Manager for the Culinary Team.  Here is what she told me:

Day Mug

First of all, something new since the park opened in March 2020 is the Day Mug. Day Mugs give you free refills the day of redemption, then 99 cent refills on soda and $1.99 refills for hot and frozen drinks on the days afterwards for the season. At the time of writing this blog, these mugs cost $14.99 for one, $12.99 each for two and $9.99 each for three or more. These are something you might consider if you are only visiting Dollywood or Dollywood’s Splash Country for one day during the whole year. Lynette added that, “financially it makes more sense to buy a Season Mug if you plan to come more than two times.” But it may be a nice option for some.


Season Mug

The new 2021 Season Mugs went on sale with the opening of Smoky Mountain Christmas. These mugs are $29.99, and all refills for the season (through Christmas 2021) are free for soda and $1.99 for hot and frozen beverages. Lynette noted that they will now be selling the same mugs at both Dollywood and Dollywood’s Splash Country, and refill prices will be valid for both properties.

Resort Mugs

Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort and Spa also sold a limited quantity of Refillable Mugs for a time (Forever Mugs), those can be refilled at the parks for 99 cents for soda.

Insider Tip

If you happen to find yourself in the situation I did with my [Resort] Refillable Mug’s straw going missing, there are replacement straws you can find at many of the drink and retail locations. The one I got this year was so cute with a dangling butterfly on it, and they also had similar ones with a dangling mustache.

Mugs from Previous Years

But what about those stashed Dollywood Refillable Mugs from years past? You are welcome to bring those and refill these – either soda or hot or frozen drinks – will cost $3.99.

Refills During the Pandemic

To keep guests safe, Dollywood has made hundreds of operational changes in the wake of the pandemic. You probably noticed many of those changes while you were eating. You can read more about this topic HERE.

When it comes to mug refills, you will present your mug and Hosts will hand you a disposable cup with your drink choice that you can pour that into your Refillable Mug. Some locations (Red’s Drive-In, Till & Harvest Food Hall and Victoria’s Pizza) have canned drinks.

So, what about you? Do you buy a Refillable Mug every year? Do you keep them from year to year, or toss the old when you buy the new? And more importantly, do you remember to take yours every time you go?! I hope you do a better job than I do!

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