Rating Dollywood’s Splash Factor

Okay, let’s talk about Dollywood’s water rides and how wet you should anticipate you’ll be after the experience. Whether you want to cool off, or you’re measuring the splash-factor risk because your child is begging to ride a water attraction, you just want to know what to expect. I get it. I myself am a wear-a-poncho-because-I-hate-wet-clothes kind of theme park goer. So, I made this list for you!

Splash Factor: Determine Your Own Destiny

There are options to cool off throughout the park. Beyond mister-fans, the best place for kids to take a splash break is the Wildwood Creek (a splash adventure area) in Wildwood Grove. Placed right at the foot of the Wildwood Tree, this area is perfect for taking off your shoes and wading in. Or, opt to be more committed—I’ve seen many children wearing swimsuits to play in this “creek.”  It’s up to you and your kids!

There are other splash pads to enjoy such as the play area in front of FireChaser Express.

Splash Factor: You WILL Get Wet

If you want a better chance for a good splashing, Daredevil Falls is your best bet. On this log flume ride, you are sure to get wet. How wet depends on where you sit in the log. If you don’t want to be soaked, my tip is to sit in the front row and then duck during the splash down. In my experience doing this, your back might get a bit wet but that’s it!

Splash Factor: I Hope You Like Water

There are two great options for getting the wettest at Dollywood. The first is standing on the bridge overlooking Daredevil Falls. It’s a no-fail place to get drenched. Just wait for the log flume to hit the bottom of the hill and you will walk away dripping.

The second is the Smoky Mountain River Rampage. You have a 100% chance of getting soaking wet when you ride it. You can find out all of the details of the ride from my friend Jeremy. He did a complete ride review here. Personally, I wear a poncho on this attraction. While it’s true I am a whimp when it comes to getting wet, I also wear a poncho because I can keep my personal items (like my phone!) dry.

Insider Tip

There is a family drying station outside of River Rampage if you do not like wet clothes and you forgot your poncho.

Splash Factor: The Best Option

If you are looking to spend the whole day wet, you will want to go to Dollywood’s Splash Country next to Dollywood. The gorgeous and FUN water park is the perfect place to spend a hot day!

I hope this helps you plan your splash-seeking day at Dollywood!

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