Planning A Group Trip to Dollywood

Editor’s Note- This post is specifically about smaller gatherings. Dollywood also has options for larger, corporate events.

Anyone who knows me, knows I like to plan, so it was no surprise when I ended up coordinating a trip to Dollywood for our family reunion. Some people may think that sounds like a headache, but the staff at Dollywood makes sure your group will have a fun day at the park—and you look like you have it all under control! We had more than 25 people in our group, but, at Dollywood, a group is 15 or more.

Whether you want to take a church group, school group, or family and friends, planning has its perks! For every 15 paid admissions, you get one free admission when you book at least two weeks in advance! Yes, free! Group tickets are $51 for adults, saving you about $19 each, off the regular admission price. A child’s ticket is regularly $56.95, but only $43 each, with the group pricing. Remember, children under the age of 4 do not need a ticket.

Of course, you will need to feed your hungry brood. Planning ahead will save you time and money. Options include a meal reservation at one of the Dollywood restaurants (we chose Aunt Granny’s) or meal vouchers. Having one sit down meal will give your group a chance to catch up and plan the rest of the day. Like admission, for every 15 paid meals, you also receive one free meal. Again, this applies when the reservation is made at least two weeks in advance. Maybe that free ticket and free meal should go to the planner! Since tickets and meals are paid for in advance, you won’t have to worry about dividing the tab, saving you more time for fun! (For larger groups of 100 or more, you can also plan catered meals, space permitting.)

You will also want to capture your memories with a photo. We had a group picture taken when we arrived at the park, before the excitement of the day frazzled our hair and clothes (haha). The Dollywood photographers had this done in a matter of minutes and all we had to do was to pick it up before we left the park.

If you want to make sure everyone stays hydrated, you can also purchase a refillable souvenir mug, in advance, for only $7.50. Unlimited refills are 0.99 cents for fountain drinks, but, don’t forget, water is free at all food locations. This price point is a huge savings. You can pre-purchase through Group Sales to get this rate. You’ll receive a voucher to pick up the mugs once you arrive at the park.

I would also suggest a “theme” for your group’s attire. Our family chose green shirts and khaki shorts/pants. Having a “theme” color, or even matching shirts, will help you spot someone from your group, especially the little ones.

Once everyone has enjoyed their day, most often they want to come back. Keep in mind, even group tickets are upgradable to a Season Pass!

If you want to plan a group trip, call (888) 438-6789. You will be assigned a group agent who will help you throughout the planning period. Having a point of contact makes this a more personal experience.

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Stacy Holstine (Dollywood Insider 2017-2018), of Charleston, West Virginia, is married to her high school sweetheart and they have two grown daughters and four dogs. She is a registered nurse who has been visiting the Great Smoky Mountains since her childhood and fondly remembers traveling with her grandparents and parents. They visited Silver Dollar City and ultimately, Dollywood. She and her husband have continued this tradition with their family. Stacy is excited to share the tips and secrets she has learned over the years, to help you have an enjoyable time at the Dollywood properties with your loved ones.
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