Not to Miss Tasty Treats

By now you’ve probably heard all about the AMAZING decorations throughout Dollywood during its Harvest Festival and Great Pumpkin LumiNights. Truly, around every corner is a holiday card worthy photo opportunity!

But what you may not yet know about is all the incredible specialty food items available throughout Dollywood just for this special time of year. In the bakery on Showstreet, for example, you will find eight different offerings that are so fun and festive.

My kids couldn’t decide if the candy corn rice krispie treat or the pumpkin cookies were better, but I knew the truth: it’s the pumpkin cupcake that gets ultimate bragging rights!

If you head over to Timber Canyon, you’ll find The Apple House, and along with it, a caramel apple snack that the whole family can share (or possibly fight over…it’s just that good!). And whatever you do, DO NOT LEAVE THE PARK before you have had the incredible apple tart. The layers of pumpkin and apple will just set you free, friends!

And if you have your taste buds set for a frozen treat, just head over to your closest Dippin’ Dots stand and pick up your choice of Cookies & Scream or Pumpkin Spice (or just be honest with yourself and get both!).

Be sure to make sampling the specialty foods of Harvest Festival and Great Pumpkin LumiNights a key part of the fun day you are planning at Dollywood through October 28. You will leave the park, just as my family did, with happy hearts AND happy bellies.

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