Non-Peak Visits and Less-Crowded Park Days

One of the best perks of having a Super Pass (the season pass that allows you access to both Dollywood and Dollywood’s Splash Country) is the ability to go to either park whenever my kids and I can get away. Most of you reading this right now are probably saying “yes of course,” to yourselves but when I say any time I want, what I’m mainly referring to is going to the parks in little slivers here and there, especially during non-peak hours.

Peak time for any theme park or attraction is pretty self explanatory; weekends, when various school systems’ spring/ fall breaks align, summer, or on opening days of any big festivals or events. These are all amazing times to go for sure, and I would highly encourage you to do so if you’re coming for a one-time trip. However, if you can, come join us on a random Tuesday at 4 p.m. and see the parks in a whole new light.

Insider Tip

Make sure and pull up the operating calendar online or download the Dollywood app. There you can find exact hours for the time frame you’re planning to visit. When you’re at the park, you can use the app to see ride wait times!

Crowds aren’t our thing. (Are they anyone’s?)  So, we make sure to use our passes as much as we can for a few hours here and a few hours there to avoid the days with the highest volume of people. While we may not see and do everything in one trip if we visit say, after school one afternoon, we also avoid lines and little-kid-tempers— let’s get real and mine, too!

Another great time to go if you aren’t worried about potentially getting your trip cut short: head to Dollywood when the weather forecast is less-than ideal. I literally cannot tell you how many times we have showed up to either park under a rain advisory and had an incredible time because the looming clouds kept most everyone away. A few sprinkles won’t dampen your fun (see what I did there?) and you’ll be amazed at how few other people you’ll bump into on those days.

Insider Tip

If you’re at Splash Country and think you see lightening or hear thunder, pay attention to the music. When you hear the song “Thunder” by Imagine Dragons, expect to see the guards clearing the water and blocking off the entrances to pools and slides for your safety.

Whether you visit Dollywood or Splash Country during the busiest of times or on a typically less-busy day, you are sure to have an amazing time. But next time you’re planning a visit, I hope you take advantage of non-peak days and times to cut down on waiting and crowds. Plus, if you time it just right, there’s the possibility that you could be walking through the park and not see a single soul other than your family, which makes for some great pictures!

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