Nighttime in Wildwood Grove

One of my very favorite Dollywood lands is Wildwood Grove. Since it is the newest area of the park, you may not have had a chance to visit it yet. My favorite time to enjoy Wildwood Grove is around dusk. There is something captivating that happens here as the sun is setting and everything in Wildwood Grove is beginning to take on a nocturnal personality.

Everywhere you look, there is something lovely. Yes, even at night! Notice the trees in the area as they twinkle with lights that look like fireflies. That’s intentional! I first noticed them by the Frogs and Fireflies attraction.

Speaking of Frogs & Fireflies, even the rides have a different feel at night. As Dragonflier darts around, you can hear the geysers, but you can’t see them. The coaster is cast in blues and greens, while the Great Tree Swing has a pink-lit bottom. Riding the rides after dark makes you feel like you are in an enchanted forest.

My personal favorite part is the Wildwood Tree nighttime experience. Once the sun has gone down, you get to see the tree in a whole new way. The nearly 650 lighted butterflies glow in orange, blue, yellow, green and pink giving the Wildwood Tree a totally different look than it has during the day–not to mention, how cool it is hearing Dolly Parton’s narration of the legend behind the tree!

Insider Tip

The Wildwood Tree nighttime experience changes with the seasons, so make sure to check it out each time you visit the park.

Wildwood Grove also is home to seasonal experiences during some of my favorite Dollywood festivals. The pumpkins that are placed throughout Wildwood Grove during the Harvest Festival match the area’s theme. You will find butterflies of all shapes and sizes carved into hundreds of pumpkins. During Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Christmas, the Wildwood Tree experience becomes part of Glacier Ridge. Wildwood Grove is lit up in white and blue lights giving the whole area a distinct feeling from the rest of the park.

Insider Tip

Wildwood Grove is also a great place to watch fireworks during the summertime.

I highly recommend staying until after dark to see how enchanting Wildwood Grove can be. You won’t regret it!

Have you checked out Wildwood Grove in the evening? What is your favorite part?

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