My Favorite Dollywood Find: Furniture

Have you ever visited an amusement park and found the furniture you’ve been searching for? It sounds unlikely, but that’s exactly what happened to us at Dollywood!

We had bought a newer home that needed a mirror above a lavatory sink. It was a narrow area, and visits to several home improvement shops had been unsuccessful. One day we were walking through Dollywood’s Craftsman Valley and spotted the perfect mirror plus a matching shelf on a sale table outside Valley Wood Carvers. It is beautifully made and fit the space perfectly, and even though it was clearance, I was still able to use my Dollywood Gold Season Pass to save an additional 20% which made it a real bargain. It’s lovely and we take pleasure in the fact they were made by Dollywood’s craftspeople.

Insider Tip: Request to have your packages sent to Package Pickup near the exit so you can enjoy the park hands-free!

One of my favorite facets of Dollywood is the way it showcases regional heritage. I appreciate that throughout the park you’ll find people working with their hands. Artists and craft people are hard at work blowing glass, stamping leather, dipping candles, forging metal, and in my favorite shop- carving wood.
Depending on when you go you might find Billy Orr at work carving a one-of-a-kind sculpture or figurine, or perhaps a burning a handsome landscape or design into a mantle. It’s an interesting shop to poke around in that offers everything from tiny wood frames to ornate grandfather clocks and rocking chairs.

Your nose will be treated to the fragrance of various woods, some of which are locally sourced- perhaps even from Dollywood’s grounds! When trees are felled, they try and salvage what is usable, while other pieces of wood are brought in. Many of the products in Valley Wood Carvers are created right there on the premises while you watch, while others are created from other artists from various parts of the world including a fine selection of creches.

If you need help choosing a piece or a gift, the staff is wonderful and can even ship your purchase for you. Dollywood host Miss Thelma has worked in the park for 20+ seasons and is a great storyteller and historian of Valley Carvers. She’s full of tales of artists and guests who were delighted to find a unique screen door, or the perfect gift. She explained to me that hosts are not paid commission, which eliminated any sales pressure, and I’ve found this to be true throughout the park. Browsers are welcome!

Take a peek inside Dollywood’s Valley Wood Carvers Shop. This clip below in in 360 degrees. Swipe it with your finger, or move your phone side to side to take a look around inside the store.


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Jennifer Chasse (Dollywood Insider 2016-2018) is a New England transplant who now calls Virginia home. When Jennifer’s family discovered Dollywood, they began making weekend excursions to the Smoky Mountains. That turned into Dollywood Season Passes. Jennifer says her family loves Dollywood because of the skilled craftsmen, family entertainment, and thrilling rides. They have enjoyed the park for several years and they continue to find new reasons to visit! Jennifer works in publishing and is an active volunteer in her community. You can learn more about Jennifer and connect with her at JenniferConnects.com.
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