Who Are Molly and Luther? (And Other Blazing Fury Details)

Editor’s Note: Pictures from inside the attraction provided by Dollywood.

Watching the growth and updates within Dollywood over the years has been amazing. One thing that has not changed too much is my personal favorite roller coaster, Blazing Fury! This ride opened in 1978, during the Silver Dollar City days of the park’s history. With great maintenance and love, this coaster is still an adventurous ride that sometimes gets overlooked by the newer coasters and thrill rides. If you have never visited Dollywood, I beg you to please take the time to go to Craftsman’s Valley and enjoy this classic (must be 42 inches tall).

Insider Tip

I found that some of the best times to ride are late evening. Many people are going home at that point, and my average wait time when I go at 7 p.m. or later has been about five to seven minutes. In my opinion, one of the greatest things Dollywood has added through the years is a “Wait Time” estimator right outside of the ride.

The Theme

I am going to take a moment and set the scene for you, so you get an idea of what to expect. The backstory of this attraction includes an old mountain town where an out-of-control blazing fire breaks out. The ride starts you out at what Dollywood hosts call Frog Alley. Why? Because there are a couple of over-sized frogs in the scene! Otherwise, you’ll notice a couple rocking on their porch unsuspecting of what’s headed their way. From there, you move throughout the town that includes a tavern, a hotel and even an outhouse. Within these scenes, you will see and hear characters as they try to escape the blazing fury of the fire.

The Tavern

As you round a corner, you hear gunshots and see the Tavern. Though chaos is blazing all around them, it doesn’t seem like the folks hanging out at this establishment are in a hurry to get out.

I love the details. The specials of the day are posted and add humor to The Blazing Fury name.

Molly and Luther

Next is my favorite: the scene with Molly and Luther. Molly is a damsel in distress and Luther is a firefighter who is attempting to save Molly. She sits on the edge of the upper level of the hotel, and you get to listen in on their conversation:

Luther: “Now, now Molly, I gotta weak back.”
Molly: “Weak back or not, Luther, here I come!”

Did You Know?

Molly’s voice has been mistaken for Dolly Parton. That would be a fun touch, but it’s not Dolly!

Easter Eggs

Keep your eyes peeled for some Dollywood Easter Eggs! You may notice old park names (before Dollywood became Dollywood).

And, you may notice a nod to rides that are no longer a part of the Dollywood experience.

There’s even a Dolly song named in the theming.

About the Ride

After the quick tour of the town, hold on tight for a few dips and drops—and oh my! The bridge is out AND there is nothing like seeing a train coming head on!

This ride has thrills and excitement before you pull back into the station. Be sure to look to your left as you are pulling back in. Is that Luther sliding down the fire pole on his way to answer an emergency call?

So, first-timers, make your way to Craftsman’s Valley to experience Blazing Fury! And if you’re not new, it’s possible you’ve missed some of those catchy phrases or details, so come re-discover the fun within the ride.

Final note: I’d like to make a case for Blazing Fury merchandise. I would totally buy a shirt with some of those great quotes on it! Or, maybe even a shirt with a picture of the hotel and Molly and Luther!

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