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Let’s Talk Food: The Holidays are Here at the Celebration Dinner Show

Are you ready to create cherished family memories this Christmas season?

The new Christmas show at Celebration Dinner Show is a heart-warming and fun way to spend a holiday evening in Pigeon Forge. It’s right off the Parkway, near The Island. And there is plenty of parking, so you don’t have to worry about that.

The show is a great mixture of secular and religious music that tells the story of a small town that’s been hit hard by a snowstorm; the residents are worried that it might cause trouble for their holiday festivities.

With acrobatics galore, ice skating and some help from a mischievous elf, you know that Santa is on his way! The musical performances and dancing are top-notch and keep you very entertained throughout the dinner.

And yes, there is a dinner!

The yuletide feast is inspired by Dolly Parton’s favorite recipes and memories from her holiday celebrations. If you’ve visited Dolly Parton’s Stampede, you will get the same type of service: a full meal served in courses. With the Celebration Dinner Show, the meal is served at the very beginning of the show so that everyone can concentrate on the deliciousness of dinner.

Your server will take your drink order, and they offer unlimited Coke products, tea or coffee. First up is the legendary creamy vegetable soup and a fluffy, homemade biscuit. The soup is a great starter and begs to have the biscuit dipped in it! Or you can sip the soup right from the mug. Mmmmmm.

The sweet potato delight was another favorite of the evening. It was the perfect mixture of warmth and sweetness that reminded you of a warm, home-cooked meal. My wife loved the sugar-cured spiral ham and she thought the slight taste of maple added to the flavor.

Next up is the mountain fried chicken. Talk about savory! You’re served a large piece that’s fried to perfection and has a slight peppery taste. It’s juicy, and you’ll want to ask for more– until you realize that you’ve still got southern dressing and corn on the cob!

The corn on the cob was served buttery (you can add salt and more butter, if needed); my 14-year-old raved about the chicken and the corn on the cob. He felt that even the most finicky kids would love the chicken, corn and the biscuits.

Last up on the menu is the delectable Southern peach pie turnover. It’s served in a warm, flaky crust that breaks apart in your mouth. It’s really the perfect ending to a spectacular holiday feast.

As a family, we enjoyed the holiday feast since there were several options that we all enjoyed. The show was fun, exciting and breathtaking at times. Everyone in the family will experience something they love during the dinner and show at Celebration in Pigeon Forge.

Oh! And my son ordered the Candy Cane Cocoa before the show started while we hung out at the Bass Mercantile. He said it was the very best hot cocoa he’s ever had!

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