Insiders Go Shopping at Dolly’s Closet

*This guest post is written by Dollywood Publicist and blogger, Amber Davis.

In the last decade, Dollywood has won more awards than any other theme park in the world. When it comes to top-rated rides, entertainment, food and atmosphere, Dollywood consistently ranks among the best. BUT—did you know that it’s also a place where you can step off the world’s fastest wooden coaster and into a boutique shop, to find an outfit for a night on the town? Well, it is Dolly Parton’s theme park, so it makes sense that there’s some good shopping. I spent some time with seven Dollywood Insiders as they browsed Dolly’s Closet, and as the motto goes, it’s Dolly’s Style, Your Size!

Many of them had never been in the store before. I asked them to look around and try on an outfit to model (some found more than one!). They all found unique pieces—even accessorizing with hats, jewelry and shoes. (Again, who would think you’d find a killer outfit while visiting one of America’s best theme parks?!)

Here’s what the Insiders shared with me about the experience.

Katie Van Dyke

I have passed Dolly’s Closet several times and never stopped. I assumed everything in there would be shiny and glamorous, you know “Dolly.” Nothing practical for a working mom of five. I was so surprised during our shopping trip. I found several unique pieces that I really liked and that would fit into my wardrobe perfectly.

There is a wide range of styles, so I think anyone could find a cute new addition to their closet.
And the accessories—The jewelry and the handbags and the boots! I loved the boots I wore in the photos so much I ended up buying them. They were a way better price than I expected and with my Gold Pass they were a great deal. Every time I wear them someone asks me where I found my boots.

Lindsey Galvez

I had never shopped in Dolly’s Closet before because for some reason I thought the clothing wouldn’t really appeal to my style. I was totally wrong! At first I wanted to pick a totally blinged-out Dolly-inspired outfit to just have fun, but then I started finding outfits that I really loved and would totally wear every day.

Jennifer Chasse

I always make a stop inside Dolly’s Closet when I visit. The first time I visited I was pleasantly surprised how reasonably priced things are. I like how you can find something different from special occasion outfits to boots.

They offer a great selection of accessories and I appreciate they have Plus Size clothing. On that day, I chose an outfit that was comfortable, yet fun. The top and bottom could be dressed up or down, and the vest and hat added some pizazz.

I love that Dolly’s Closet clothing have a little sparkle- yet are tasteful.

I fell in love with a cowboy hat that visit, so I purchased it! I love that it hides a pocket.

Linda Scruggs

It was my first time shopping at Dolly’s Closet and I was so surprised at the different styles. There was everything from my rocker chick style, to sweet and sassy dresses and tops that I loved, to shoes and boots at a reasonable price. I had a hard time choosing between all the cute accessories of handbags, bracelets, and necklaces. Next time I go back, I’m definitely bringing some extra shopping money for Dolly’s closet.

Teronya Holmes

This wasn’t my first time in the shop – but it was the first time I had time to try on the different fashions since my boys weren’t with me!

Every time I visit the shop I am always amazed at the various styles and all the sizes available! I love that someone “my size” – “tall and curvy” – can find outfits that fit both my body and my style.

I tend to gravitate toward classic looks, but occasionally I love to try to rock the “country-glam” look. That’s why I chose the slimming boot-cut jeans that were just the right length and style – and faded in all the right places – to go with the flow-y top with just a touch of glitzy sequins to dress it up. I finished the look off with a cowboy hat and boots, which I loved – but I’ve already got several of my own – along with some elegant costume jewelry pieces. I ended up buying the top and the jeans, because this outfit is actually something I would wear on my travels to Nashville and Texas. I’ll probably wear it the next time I visit the Grand Ole Opry or go to a concert!

I can’t wait to visit Dolly’s Closet again soon. because I always find something perfect for the occasion that I won’t see everywhere else!

Karen George

I enjoy just playing dress up in “Dolly’s Closet” while my family has fun in the park.  They always have the most beautiful clothes and they have my size!  They have sizes from Petite to Plus sizes in most fashions and the accessories usually get me in big trouble – you see, you can shop and they will have your bags waiting for you at the exit!  My husband never has to know until the end of a great day! LOL

I chose my outfit because it was flattering, comfortable and full of color on a rainy day!  Dolly’s not the only woman who can look good at Dollywood!

Sami Cone

I’ll be honest – for a long time I believed Dolly’s Closet was simply a museum of her outfits. Once I realized it was a clothing shop, I assumed it couldn’t possibly carry clothes in my style. I was wrong.

On my last trip, I ventured into Dolly’s Closet with some fellow Dollywood Insiders. There’s truly something for everyone, and for every occasion. The store is divided by color and style, so it makes finding the perfect outfit easy (with the help of the friendly hosts who work there).

While there was a fringed leather jacket that was out of my price range, I found everything else to be quite affordable. The outfit I ultimately landed on married the perfect blend of comfort and style, making it appropriate to wear during the day at Dollywood and then seamlessly transition to dinner at the DreamMore Resort.

And it isn’t just clothes that you’ll find in DC; there are a myriad of accessories, handbags & jewelry as well. For instance, I ended up with my new favorite pair of shoes: a pair of ankle-high cowboy boots in a soft gray that look equally stylish with jeggings or a summer sundress.

Now, instead of an accidental visit, Dolly’s Closet will be on my must-stop list every time I visit Dollywood in the future!

We invite you to stop in Dolly’s Closet the next time you’re visiting Dollywood. You may just walk away with your new favorite addition to your wardrobe!

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