Insider Rates Coaster Intensity Levels

Do you ever go to Dollywood and look at the coasters wondering if you are brave enough to ride? There are different ways to “rate” the thrill factor: how fast does it go? Are there any inversions? How steep are the drops? Come along with me as I ride each coaster to determine (thanks to a phone app!) the g-forces on each of the biggest star attractions at Dollywood. Merriam-Webster defines g-force as “the force of gravity or acceleration on a body.” This information may help you answer the question—do I dare, or am I too scared?

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About the Author:

Dawn Thornburg (Dollywood Insider 2021-Now) was born and raised in the Greensboro, North Carolina area. She’s been an avid theme park enthusiast for years and especially loves sharing her park experiences with her son. She has been visiting Dollywood regularly since 1998 and finds herself visiting more and more! (Dollywood’s Splash Country is her favorite place to spend the hot summer months!) Dollywood is home to her favorite coaster, Lightning Rod. Dawn’s other favorites include the Dollywood Express and a meal at Aunt Granny's Restaurant. You can follow along on Dawn’s experiences via Just Out n’ About.
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