Inside Dolly’s Closet

Have you ever wondered what’s inside Dolly’s Closet? (Not the one at Dolly’s house. The store at Dollywood!) You may imagine lots of boots and bling! Allow me to give you a closer look through the aisles of Dolly’s Closet. It’s a store originally fashioned by Dolly’s personal costume designer, located just across from Chasing Rainbows Museum.

Straight from Nashville, Atlanta, Los Angeles and New York fashion show rooms, Dolly’s Closet is filled with an array of designer choices.

Insider Tip

Be sure to check out Dolly’s Closet during each visit. The inventory changes DAILY and with every season!

Whether you’re looking for hip and trendy, iconic Dolly or a sweet boutique style, Dolly’s Closet has it all.

There are certainly items I expected to see like boots, cowboy hats and rhinestones, but what surprised me the most were the beautiful array of “everyday” items like dresses, tops and jeans.

Can you guess what the most popular theme is?

That’s right—anything butterfly!

Insider Tip

Did you catch a glimpse of A Holly Dolly Christmas items? If not, don’t worry! A full array of shirts, sweaters, ornaments and CDs will return later this year.
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Michelle Borja (Dollywood Insider 2019-2021), a native of East Tennessee, recalls first walking the streets of Silver Dollar City when she was just a child. She couldn’t wait to share the experience with her son and daughter. As a marketing professional, Michelle enjoys storytelling and often shares Dollywood planning tips with friends. She homeschools her children which offers flexibility to visit the park often. Their favorite getaway is a stay at Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort and Spa, which Michelle calls “their home away from home.” They complete their schoolwork by the grand piano overlooking the pool, enjoy time at Dollywood and finish their day with a sip of Dolly’s pink lemonade by the fireplace.
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