Imagination Library Tour 2019

The Imagination Library is on tour, and the show is spectacular!

Little Engine Playhouse Tour by Dolly’s imagination Library came to visit Jacksboro Elementary School where I work as a Kindergarten teacher—the show was absolutely fantastic, and the kids loved every minute. Several of my students have already asked, “When are they coming back?”

The theatrical adaptation of “Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon,” features Molly Lou Melon, her grandma, and Ronald Durkin.  The book teaches a great lesson through how Molly Lou Melon’s grandma encourages her granddaughter to stand tall and embrace everything that makes her different. Ronald Durkin, the school bully, eventually learns to respect and appreciate Molly Lou. In kindergarten this year, we have used this book to show how differences make us all unique. The depth of this message is so important for classrooms across America. [I’m speaking as a teacher and a mom!]

The Little Engine Playhouse Tour began Nashville, and will travel to schools, libraries, and other children’s venues across Tennessee. The tour will also stop in Arkansas, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Ontario, Canada!

This show is wonderful, but it’s not the only way to see Imagination Library books come to life! At Dollywood, you can visit The Little Engine Playhouse to see musical and theatrical adaptions of your child’s favorite books! Click here to see shows and details

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library

Most of my students have these books at home, and already recognize the lovable characters, thanks to Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. If you aren’t familiar with it, click here to learn more.

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library is a book gifting program. The program sends books to children in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and Republic of Ireland. Dolly’s program is open to children in any city—but it must be supported by the community.

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About the Author:

Autumn Longmire (Dollywood Insider 2018-2019) is a kindergarten teacher who enjoys the happiest things in life. She was born and raised in Campbell County, Tennessee, (near the Kentucky state line) where she lives and works. She is a wife and mother of two, and her family thrives on adventure and love. Dolly Parton has always inspired Autumn through her music and her love of literacy and children. Autumn loves seeing Dolly’s Imagination Library books in the classroom and integrating them into her curriculum. She writes for Knoxville Moms Blog and is an advocate for her students.
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