How to Save Money on Dippin’ Dots Ice Cream!

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream—Dippin’ Dots ice cream, that is! Everyone loves ice cream, so what’s better than Dippin’ Dots ice cream? Dippin’ Dots ice cream at Dollywood! During my years of visiting Dollywood, Dippin’ Dots has always been a staple treat that my family and I indulge in each time we go.

Dollywood offers three sizes for their Dippin’ Dots bowls. As of writing this blog in June 2020:

Regular bowls are $6.49
Large bowls are $7.49
Souvenir bowls are $8.49—and $3.99 for each refill. You can bring it back for each visit!

As a college professor who teaches statistics, I constantly look at and calculate the numbers. I have figured it up: buying the Dippin’ Dots souvenir bowls is the most cost-effective way to enjoy Dippin’ Dots all season long! For a family that visits Dollywood twice a month throughout the normal nine months of a Dollywood season and orders two Regular bowls of Dippin’ Dots (you know that one bowl is never enough for a family with all of their delicious flavors), it would cost roughly $234 throughout the season. And that’s a conservative estimate as I know, on average, my family visits Dollywood and Splash Country more than twice a month!

BUT, by purchasing souvenir bowls, two bowls would cost roughly $17 the first time plus $3.99 for each refill. Going along the same logic of an average of two visits a month, two refills each visit throughout the Dollywood season, a family would spend roughly $89 throughout the whole season—nearly $150 in savings! There’s nothing better than saving money AND visiting Dollywood!

Insider Tip

The Dollywood Dippin’ Dots souvenir bowl colors generally last more than one year so your souvenir bowl can be used for two or more seasons leading to even more savings!

There’s another thing I love about Dippin’ Dots bowls—they offer the opportunity to love every moment, even the little ones. And that’s one thing Dollywood is all about—Loving Every Moment. My wife, son, and I get different flavors each time, and my son has created a game of tasting everyone’s flavor as we laugh and jokingly argue whose flavor tastes the best. It’s such a simple game, but it’s a sweet moment and memory that I will cherish forever.

Dollywood and Dollywood’s Splash Country have Dippin’s Dots locations throughout both parks.

Insider Tip

Dippin’ Dots are served at Dollywood and Dollywood’s Splash Country. The Dippin’ Dots souvenir bowls are only available for purchase at Dollywood, but the souvenir bowls can be used at both parks.

The Dippin’ Dots bowls always are a great addition to your day at Dollywood or Dollywood’s Splash Country! Next time you visit the park, take advantage of Dippin’ Dots souvenir bowls—you won’t be disappointed!

*NOTE: Due to Dollywood’s phased reopening plan after COVID-19, souvenir bowls, drink mugs and popcorn buckets are still valid, though the process looks different. Bring these items to receive the discount, but you will be handed a new bowl/cup/bucket with your favorite treat.

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A Tennessee native, Andrew Courtner (Dollywood Insider 2019-Now) has lived in all three parts of Tennessee twice during his life. He was born in Knoxville and grew up coming to Dollywood as a child with his family. He now resides in Cookeville, Tennessee, with his wife and son. Andrew has his dream job of being a college professor teaching educational research and quantitative statistics. Andrew frequently visits Dollywood throughout the year making new Dollywood memories with his family while reminiscing about the memories he made as a kid. Andrew is excited to share his experiences and tips (especially about roller coasters and thrill rides) at Dollywood, Dollywood's Splash Country and Dollywood's DreamMore Resort and Spa.
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