Hidden Treasures at Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort

Details are more than just “little things” … they often make the difference in good and great – and details are something in which Dollywood and its associated properties excel! In my visits to Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort and Spa, I have noticed some “hidden treasures” I think are worth pointing out. Some of them may not seem so “hidden,” but they are definitely treasures that are worth noticing on your next visit.

Down on the lower level, you will find a fun wall made up of illuminated replicas of Dolly Parton’s many album covers. Which ones are new to you? And did you know she has so many albums? This is a fun place to spend some time just looking over the variety of covers – which also cover a long period of years and styles! (and hairstyles!)

The vaunted Song & Hearth: A Southern Eatery also is on the lower level. But did you know if you aren’t in the mood for a large meal, The Lounge serves “Lounge Bites” for a lighter meal or snack? They have a delicious menu that includes such items as a smoked pulled pork quesadilla, a charcuterie and cheese board and yummy desserts like creme brulee, chocolate lava cake and a “mason jar” banana pudding. They also have more substantial sandwiches and burgers and a selection of salads.

On my last visit, I noticed something I had never seen before: there is a glass case downstairs near the restaurant and bar. Inside is a time capsule (which I had seen before), but next to it there is a plank of wood from Dolly’s first “stage” – the front porch of her childhood home. Pretty cool to see that!

The DreamMore Resort also has something I totally overlooked until after I had been there several times: an indoor pool! This would be a definite draw in the wintertime, when getting to put on a bathing suit and swim is fun for all ages!

Outside behind the pool area you will notice the adorable benches by the playground (another “hidden treasure,” but be aware it’s closed during the pandemic). They are colorful and cute – but look from the side and you will see they are made to look like an open book – a nod to Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, her organization which has given away millions of books to children all over the world.

Another fun outdoor activity is the s’more roasting that goes on at night! Right now, reservations are required to limit crowd size, but it’s a totally fun and free thing to do after dinner and before bedtime!

On the lobby level, you will also find Camp DW which hosts numerous activities, crafts and family movie nights at the resort. Check out their schedule here. You can keep your family busy without ever leaving the property!

Near the elevators, don’t neglect stopping in Pokeberry Lane. Not your typical hotel gift shop, I have gotten baby gifts, birthday gifts and souvenirs to take home from this adorable gift shop with a touch of Dolly sprinkled about.


There are a bunch of other “hidden treasures” I could talk about: the butterflies interwoven in the carpet, the larger-than-life Dollywood postcards that feature guests’ digital photos on them, the famous Dollywood cinnamon bread that is for sale in the DM Pantry (only place outside of the Dollywood park), etc., etc. Why don’t you look for some hidden treasures next time you are at the DreamMore Resort and share them with us?


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Kelly Harb (Dollywood Insider 2018-2021) has lived in Knoxville since 1986 – the year she married her beloved Richard and the year Dollywood became Dollywood! She and Richard also have an adult son and daughter, two in-law children (their favorites) and the great JOY of three grandchildren, ages 6, 4 and 1 years old– all of whom also are huge Dollywood fans! Kelly grew up in Tupelo, Mississippi. Her father was an NFL referee. As a parent, she spent thousands of hours in bleachers at sporting events watching her children - from 4-year-old soccer, to middle school volleyball to college football – more than 15 different sports in all. She traveled to every corner of the globe during her husband’s stint working for Bible Study Fellowship. Kelly’s favorite things to do include Bible study, girl time, reading, traveling, Broadway musicals, shopping, leading young married groups with her husband, and best of all, spending time with her family – preferably at a theme park!
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