Healthy Eating IS Possible at Dollywood

I get it. You have concerns about healthy eating when you visit a theme park. I mean after all, around every corner there is delicious food tempting you. While there IS plenty of tempting food at Dollywood, you can actually find mouthwatering AND healthy items if you look for them. Whether you have an allergy/sensitivity, you are diabetic, or, if you maintain a healthy diet, Dollywood is most likely able to accommodate you.

I had the opportunity to meet with Chef Robert Hall at the Front Porch Café on Showstreet. He has been at Dollywood for nine years and a chef for 35 years. I was surprised to learn that he and his staff prepare between 75-150 gluten-free meals per day.

Often guests will call ahead to ensure their diet needs can be met while in the park, but I was more surprised to know that planning ahead is not required. All you have to do is tell the hostess that you have special dietary needs and they take it from there.

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If you are the planning type, check out this page to get an idea of the best locations to meet your needs. Or, you can call ahead with questions: 865-428-1327.

Many park menus offer delicious, healthy options such as salads including Grilled Chicken Caesar and Dolly’s Smoky Mountain Salad, or a Wedge Salad. If you want something a little heartier, you can find entrees like Grilled Chicken and Vegetable Plates. There are also sandwiches including turkey, chicken, Reuben, and chicken salad options available.

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If you just want to munch on something healthy, look for veggie and fruit options available at SkyView Snacks and Midway Market.

For those who have a food allergy or sensitivity, your best option is to visit Front Porch Café. The chefs there are able to customize just about anything on the menu for you. The nurse and mom in me was pleased to learn there is a separate prep/cooking area that is utilized for guests who have allergies, down to the kitchen staff donning different aprons while prepping that guest’s food.

Now that your diet is covered and you want to get your steps in, check out this post I wrote about tracking the distance I walk during a typical day at Dollywood.

Remember, it’s all about moderation. If you can bend a little, the cinnamon bread is DEFINITELY worth it!

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Stacy Holstine (Dollywood Insider 2017-2018), of Charleston, West Virginia, is married to her high school sweetheart and they have two grown daughters and four dogs. She is a registered nurse who has been visiting the Great Smoky Mountains since her childhood and fondly remembers traveling with her grandparents and parents. They visited Silver Dollar City and ultimately, Dollywood. She and her husband have continued this tradition with their family. Stacy is excited to share the tips and secrets she has learned over the years, to help you have an enjoyable time at the Dollywood properties with your loved ones.
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