Harvest Food Menu Highlights

While you’re running around the park wondering how long the line is at Wild Eagle or Lightning Rod, I am walking around wondering how long the wait is at Till & Harvest or Aunt Granny’s Restaurant. Your food might be secondary or an afterthought, but the food experience is the focal point of my visits.

I visited on the first day of the Harvest Festival to try the new fall-food lineup.

Here are Harvest-specific menu items Dollywood has available this season for your foodie checklist:

Cabbage Roll Dinner– Available at Front Porch Café.

Reuben Wonton Appetizer– New item! Corned beef, sauerkraut and Swiss cheese in wonton wrapper and deep fried drizzled with thousand island and served with homemade pickles. Available at Front Porch Café.

Pierogis – New item! Potato-filled pierogis sautéed with caramelized onions and drizzled with sour cream. Available in Market Square at a festival booth.

Pumpkin Ice Cream Sandwich– Pumpkin ice cream sandwiched between giant sugar cookies. Available at the Sweet Shoppe.

Insider Tip

The Pumpkin Ice Cream Sandwich can easily feed four people. When they say two giant cookies, they ain’t lying.

Apple Cider– Available throughout the park.

Skillet potatoes- Available in Market Square.

Fried Apple Pies– New item! Available at Sweets and Treats and Splinter’s Funnel Cakes.

Harvest Float– New item! Ice cream float includes vanilla ice cream in Fanta orange soda. It’s topped with whipped cream and harvest sprinkles. Available at Sweets and Treats.

Pumpkin Fluff– It’s available at Front Porch Café, Till & Harvest and Lumber Jack’s Pizza.

Candy Corn Cider– New item! Available throughout the park.

Cookie Pizza– New item! Available at Lumber Jack’s Pizza.

Chicken Applewood Pasta– New item! Chicken, applewood bacon, spinach, tomatoes and pasta in a cream sauce. Available at Lumber Jack’s Pizza.

I’m looking forward to getting back there again this fall for round two of Dollywood’s Harvest menu!

Bring on the pumpkin, bring on the cider. Bring on the apples. Bring on Harvest Festival!

Insider Tip

There is a ton of great information on the Dollywood app. Make sure you download it to find all the restaurants and food vendors.
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