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Running from coaster to coaster or ride to ride builds up a theme park-sized hunger in the best of us. Talk to a theme park fan about Dollywood and you’re going to hear how great the coasters, shows or park landscaping are. Inevitably, their eyes will light up and they’ll say something about the food as well.

Yes, at Dollywood, dining is an attraction in itself.

Seriously, Dollywood has won awards for its food!

So, beyond the general amusement park foods like popcorn, funnel cakes and burgers, you can enjoy some great sit-down dining that runs the gamut from down-home cooking to modern cuisine. I’ve never had a bad meal at Dollywood. (Granny Ogle’s Ham n’ Beans is one of the best restaurants at Dollywood, in my opinion.)

But what if you don’t want to have a full sit-down meal? Maybe you are more interested in spending your time conquering the coasters or seeing as many shows as you can?

Well, Dollywood still has some fast food options that are better than most restaurants. And I hate to use the term fast food; there’s nothing plain or unoriginal with any of Dollywood’s quick- service options.

On with my top food-on-the-go choices!

When I’ve got a hankering for some really good pork barbeque, I stop by Hickory House BBQ in Craftsman’s Valley. The barbecue is served on a soft bun and has a great smoked flavor. It’s closer to Carolina pulled pork than Kansas City BBQ, but everyone will enjoy the taste. Hickory House’s line usually moves quickly and there is seating available. And then it’s time for a trip on Blazing Fury!

Want another barbeque option? Head over to Miss Lillian’s BBQ Corner in Craftsman’s Valley to get a sandwich or hickory-smoked turkey leg to go! Seriously, you’ve seen people walking around eating turkey legs and they look so delectable (the turkey legs, not the people)!

Here’s a classic—Dogs N Taters in Rivertown Junction offers signature foot-long corn and hot dogs. You can order delicious tater swirls with both items. The tater swirls are a tasty alternative to fries. Plus, these foods travel well. You can head over to Lightning Rod while enjoying a dog.

Lumber Jack’s Pizza back in Wilderness Pass (by one of my favorite coasters: Thunderhead) is the place to stop and grab a personal pizza while you’re heading to your next coaster. You might want to let the pizza settle for a little bit before tackling Mystery Mine (the coaster does go upside down).

But if you want a true Dollywood treat, then you’ve got to stop by the Market Square BIG SKILLET for one of the best dining options in all of theme parkdom: the Dollywood BIG SKILLET Sausage Sandwich. See, they grill the sausage first and then keep it hot on the massive skillet with peppers and onions, which seals in the flavor. You can choose between sausage and steak.

Market Square is the gateway between Showstreet and Rivertown Junction and you walk through the heavenly aroma of grilled sausage and steak.

Insider Tip

You can order the grilled sausage on a bun or on a stick, though you may not see that on the menu board.

During my last trip to Dollywood, I opted for the sausage on a stick and it was breathtaking. You can also walk to your next coaster and fill that belly!

Dollywood is a great place for families and coaster junkies to have a great time. But it’s also a great place to grab great food on-the-go!

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