Fun Facts About Dollywood’s Splash Country

Before this Dollywood’s Splash Country season got started, I had the privilege of seeing the water park behind the scenes when it wasn’t open to the public. It was so strange walking by a wave pool that was completely still and empty and not seeing anyone floating down the lazy river. Without all the hustle and bustle, I was able to get fun information from the hosts about the park itself, rides, even some fun tidbits about the people who work at the water park.

Here are 10 fun and useful facts water park hosts want you to know:

1. Life jackets are free. This is so convenient! I really appreciate that the park makes these available to everyone.

2. The concrete over the bridges was resurfaced and hand-painted this season. See if you notice the changes!

3. Dollywood’s Splash Country employs people of all ages. Two seasons ago, the water park’s oldest lifeguard was 74 years old! It was something he always wanted to do, and the stars finally aligned for him to do it. He completed all the same training and testing as other lifeguards. He was happy to check that season off his bucket list.

4. In total, there are around 85-95 lifeguards throughout the park. This is something I have wondered even when I went to the park as a child, so I’m glad I was finally able to find out.

5. Turn on your fitness watches for this one! Walking all the slide towers is equivalent to walking a mile. There are lots of stairs, but if you do each ride more than once, you can really get your steps in for the day! Let me know if you make it. I’ll be in the lazy river.

6. Speaking of the lazy river, it has 550,000 gallons of water. The wave pool has 450,000 gallons.

7. We know Dolly has a big family but Splash Country does, too. There are more than 20 sets of siblings and parent/child pairs working in the park. What a fun way to spend the summer with family!

8. There is a calming area in the park for guests of any age to step away and have a break when overstimulated. The area is tucked away with seating and sensory tools provided. If you have questions about this space, ask the hosts at the hospitality booth.

9. There are accessibility tubes for children and adults available upon request. There is even a water wheelchair!

10. At 70 feet high, Fire Tower Falls are the park’s tallest and fastest slide. I’ve done it once just to say I could, but that was all the free falling I could take. I do enjoy watching people ride, though.

Seeing the park during preparation mode was such a unique experience, and now that a new season is underway, I’m ready to get back for some summer fun and splashing!

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About the Author:

Adelyn Pair (Dollywood Insider 2019-2021) is an East Tennessee girl raised in Knoxville. She graduated from Maryville College and is currently working to obtain her master’s degree in social work. In her free time, she enjoys dancing, photography, writing, watching musicals and cheering on the UT Vols with her football-playing husband. Adelyn is excited to be a Dollywood Insider because she has been going to Dollywood and Dollywood’s Splash Country for as long as she can remember, and has many wonderful memories of time spent there with family. In Dollywood, you’ll probably find her hanging out with Miss Lillian, eating a funnel cake or riding Daredevil Falls. Adelyn looks forward to sharing her knowledge of the parks and can’t wait to help others make wonderful memories, too.
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