Where to Find Your Next Cup of Coffee at Dollywood

At Dollywood, there are plenty of places to get your caffeine fuel for a fun theme park day. During Harvest Festival, I went in search of as many coffee spots as I could find, so you would have confidence that you’re never far from your next cup.

Check out this video for everything thing you need to know about coffee at Dollywood.

Insider Tip

Pair your last cup of coffee with an order of Dolly’s world-famous cinnamon bread for the ride home.

Here’s a summary of where you can find coffee:

Starbucks coffee is available at Spotlight Bakery (Showstreet) and Splinter’s Funnel Cakes (Wilderness Pass).

Drip coffee is available at Front Porch Café (Showstreet), Aunt Granny’s Restaurant (Rivertown Junction), Grist Mill (Craftsman’s Valley), Market Square (Showstreet), Showstreet Ice Cream (Showstreet), Red’s Drive-In (Jukebox Junction), Till & Harvest (Wildwood Grove), Lumber Jack’s Pizza (Timber Canyon), and Dogs N Taters (Rivertown Junction).

As a bonus, here’s a summary of where you can find hot chocolate:

Hot chocolate is seasonal and available at Spotlight Bakery (Showstreet), Showstreet Snacks (Showstreet), Showstreet Ice Cream (Showstreet), Front Porch Café (Showstreet), Aunt Granny’s Restaurant (Rivertown Junction), Crossroads Funnel Cakes (Rivertown Junction), Grandstand Café (Country Fair), Grist Mill (Craftsman’s Valley), Hickory House (Craftsman’s Valley), Splinter’s Funnel Cakes (Wilderness Pass), Sweets and Treats (Wildwood Grove), Red’s Drive-In (Jukebox Junction), The Dog House (Wilderness Pass), Lumber Jack’s Pizza (Timber Canyon), Market Square (Showstreet), Dogs N Taters (Rivertown Junction), and Kettle Corn (Rivertown Junction).

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