My Favorite Christmas Foods at Dollywood

One of the best parts about the festivals at Dollywood is the unique seasonal menu offerings. I always make it a point to try out each new food option with each new season. With the opening of Smoky Mountain Christmas, I headed to the park to try out some delicious treats.

After sampling everything that each location had to offer (a sacrifice I was willing to make for you), I narrowed it down to my favorites. It was hard to choose, so I made my selections by category. Trust me when I say that all of these are MUST-trys!

Best Beverage: Santa’s Chilled Cocoa

Available at Market Square, this delicious chocolate drink accompanies everything well. It has hints of peppermint, but the real winner is the cream topping that sits on the top of it. As the name implies, it is served on ice. It may not be what you imagine Santa drinking, but once you enjoy a chilled cocoa for yourself, you’ll understand why he does! I still think of the chocolatey goodness.

Best Meal: Chorizo Flatbread Pizza

Do yourself a flavor [pun intended!] and run—don’t walk—to Victoria’s Pizza to get your hands on this deliciousness. I am already petitioning that this be a year-round offering at Dollywood. The chorizo is so savory, and the basil pesto adds a unique flair that you would not expect on this type of pizza. I’m a huge ricotta fan, so the cheese completely makes the whole pizza. You will love this seasonal dish!

Best Dessert: Hazelnut Churros

Located at Sweets N Treats in Wildwood Grove and ringing up for less than $5, the hazelnut churros were a delicious treat during my food sampling mission. Beyond being yummy in your tummy, another great thing about them is that they come in several pieces. [Read: it’s a perfect treat to split with a friend.]

Best Overall: Pecan Sticky Bun

Though this falls into the dessert category, I deemed it deserves a category of its very own. The treat that was the most delicious of them all is the pecan sticky bun from Spotlight Bakery. Dare I say that I liked this treat even more than the beloved cinnamon bread from the Grist Mill?! It is so gooey and sticky and delicious that I will probably snag one every time that I visit the park this Christmas season.

There are many more seasonal culinary offerings during Smoky Mountain Christmas, but these are my absolute favorites. I highly recommend trying each of them during your visit to the park this season and tasting the goodness for yourself. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be ordering them each time you visit through Jan. 2 as well!

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About the Author:

Kelsey Godfrey (Dollywood Insider 2021-2022) was born and raised in Townsend, Tennessee and currently resides there in a cozy mountain cabin that she documents on Instagram (@cabinonchristylane). She spends her days around teenagers serving as a middle school teacher and also is a real estate agent. In her free time, Kelsey enjoys reading, baking, spending time on the lake, doing CrossFit, volunteering with her church, traveling the country and eating her way through Dollywood. Her favorite thing to do at Dollywood is to snack on a loaf of cinnamon bread after braving the dark depths of Blazing Fury. As a true local, Kelsey has been visiting Dollywood since a young child (her favorite rides will always be Thunder Road and Country Fair Falls) and doesn’t plan on slowing down; She is excited to show you how to enjoy Dollywood in any season of life or any season of the year.
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