Top 5 Fastest Roller Coasters At Dollywood

Calling all thrill ride enthusiasts, this video is for you!  Dollywood has a nice collection of world-class roller coasters and rides. This video will showcase the top five fastest roller coasters currently at the theme park.

Insider Tips

  • I covered roller coasters in the video, but if speed is your thing, there’s another ride that’s faster than all of these. Check out Drop Line. It’s a drop tower that accelerates riders down at 77 mph.
  • Dollywood Season Passes are the way to go, but if you are just visiting one time, I would encourage you to upgrade from a One-Day to a Two or Three-Day ticket if possible. There’s so much to enjoy, you’ll see the value on your first day and will be glad you’re getting more time!
  • I highly recommend getting a TimeSaver Pass. It will expedite your wait, and you’ll enjoy more rides during your time at Dollywood.
  • I also wanted to include a link to the Plus-Sized Rider Guide because it has a lot of helpful information.
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About the Author:

Ryan was born and raised in Tampa, Florida. While in Florida, he enjoyed his career as a Firefighter/Paramedic and going on adventures with his family during his time off. After retiring from the fire department, he moved to the mountains of East Tennessee with his wife and their three children. One of the first things he did when moving here was get his family Dollywood Season Passes. When not at the park, he spends his time working from home on digital marketing and being involved with their family’s homeschool group and local church. He enjoys sharing content about the Great Smoky Mountains on his family’s YouTube Channel. He is looking forward to many new adventures visiting Dollywood and sharing his experiences with you!
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