Don’t Miss the Speed Painter!

One of the exciting things about visiting Dollywood throughout the year is that the entertainment options get switched out so that there’s always something new and exciting to see. This summer, you will find one of the most fast-paced, thrilling and delightful shows of the season: PaintJam.

Dollywood brought artist Ricardo Barazza all the way from Las Vegas, NV to perform three shows a day, six days a week (he’s off each Friday) now through Aug. 5. So what, exactly, is this one-man performance?

Well, it all begins with a blank canvas. Ricardo then comes on stage, some really cool music begins to play, and before you know it, he’s off! He grabs brushes of different sizes and with different colors and he starts speed painting like crazy. It’s thrilling to watch him work, though it’s a challenge, at least for a few minutes, to try to figure out what on earth he is creating.

But then, he spins the canvas around and suddenly an AMAZING picture seems to just jump off the canvas. It turns out that Ricardo has been painting upside down the whole time!

And as entertaining as his painting skills are, Ricardo isn’t only trying to dazzle you with his art. He’s also promoting a message of inspiration and positivity. I loved the fact that he took a moment to acknowledge and pay respect to any members of the audience who have served in the U.S. military. He also spoke to everyone in the audience about how important it is for us all to be loving and kind and respectful to one another along this awesome journey we are all on called life.

He moved the audience to their feet with thunderous applause and had new fans, young and old, lined up after the show for a meet and greet. I watched him take time with each and every person who wanted to chat with him after the show, and to do so with enthusiasm. He is someone who models off stage what he promotes on stage: the value of connection with one another.

What a show! It’s one I’ll never forget and one you really shouldn’t miss!

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