Dollywood With Your Middle Kids

We have talked about Dollywood with Littles. Now it is time for Dollywood with Middles, those guests who are “too big” for the Busy Bees but not quite ready for Wild Eagle. If your child falls somewhere in the 39 to 48 inch ranges it is still be a good idea to stop by Dollywood’s Centralized Measuring station. (You will find it across from The Southern Gospel Museum and Hall of Fame on Showstreet.) With their wrist band they can easily identify which rides they can ride.

This group is now big enough for rides all over the park. My guys were always so excited about this. Even if they didn’t want to ride a particular ride that fact that they could was a big deal. What rides should you start with?

Dollywood is opening a new ride this year that is perfect for this group! Whistle Punk Chaser is a new junior coaster opening in summer 2017. It is full of thrilling twists and turns designed for Dollywood’s younger loggers. Another top contender in this category is FireChaser Express. It is a family coaster that goes forward and backwards. Don’t discount the Country Fair area. Even for Middles, there are lots of rides and games there to love. It is my favorite place to take the whole family. You’ll find rides for everyone and they are close together. As for which is the best ride for your Middle’s first bigger ride, there is always a disagreement in our family. Some would say Blazing Fury is the best first big ride. I would say Tennessee Tornado. I’m going to leave this one up to you and your family.

This group is also big enough for all the water rides. I suggest deciding in advance if water rides are on your agenda. It matters in how you dress and how you pack for the day. River Rampage is probably the tamest water ride and the adventure progresses up to Mountain Slidewinder then to the 50 mph 60-foot drop of Daredevil Falls.

You’re never too big for a ride on the Dollywood Express. An authentic 110-ton coal-fired steam engine takes that takes you on a five-mile ride you don’t want to miss. Guests in this group will also love this season’s shows, so be sure to grab a schedule when you arrive.

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Katie Van Dyke (Dollywood Insider 2016-2018) is a wife and mom who enjoys the fun and chaos that her five children bring to her life. Katie is a columnist, blogger, speaker and regular local TV guest who has been sharing her money-saving family adventure expertise for nearly a decade. You can find her deals and tips at CouponKatie.com. Katie loves the Dollywood experience with her big family. She’s learned a thing or two about maximizing their park visits and looks forward to letting you in on her secrets.
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