Dollywood Single Rider Strategy

If you have spent any time at Dollywood, you may have noticed that most people do not visit the park alone. While Dollywood is wonderful for families, couples or groups, I think it’s a great place to experience on your own. If you love riding rides, you may find yourself a “single rider” for the attractions. I personally love being a single rider because it usually helps me get through the lines quicker—I even choose attractions that cater to solo riders.

Here are my tips for being strategic as a single rider at Dollywood:


Ride attendants want to completely fill the cars in order to maximize efficiency. Once the gates open and guests load onto the coaster train, the attendants often do a “single rider” call for those waiting further behind in line. Being a single rider allows you to bypass the line and hop onto a waiting train. Many times, I have saved about 20 minutes simply by being a single rider. Check out Wild Eagle, Lightning Rod, Mystery Mine, Thunderhead and Tennessee Tornado for some great coasters that are perfect for single riders.

Attractions with A Lot of Seats

Rides like the Village Carousel and the Waltzing Swinger are perfect when you’re solo. By nature, both are designed for single seats, but they also hold more people than the average attraction. This makes the queue line move quickly. There are 60 animals available on the Village Carousel so you are almost always guaranteed a very quick boarding time.


Single Rider Lines

Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain River Rampage and the Barnstormer both have special lines dedicated to single riders and groups of two. This allows you to bypass the longer line and be on standby as Dollywood hosts fill the ride. Throughout my time as a Season Passholder, I have saved HOURS of park time by enjoying these attractions as a single rider.

As a single rider on the majority of my trips to Dollywood, I can always be found on Wild Eagle, Village Carousel, Waltzing Swinger, River Rampage and Barnstormer because these attractions are ideal for a single person. If you are flying solo on your next trip to the park (or even attending with someone who doesn’t like to ride attractions), check out these rides for quick queues to save you time.

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Kelsey Godfrey (Dollywood Insider 2021-Now) was born and raised in Townsend, Tennessee and currently resides there in a cozy mountain cabin that she documents on Instagram (@cabinonchristylane). She spends her days around teenagers serving as a middle school teacher and also is a real estate agent. In her free time, Kelsey enjoys reading, baking, spending time on the lake, doing CrossFit, volunteering with her church, traveling the country and eating her way through Dollywood. Her favorite thing to do at Dollywood is to snack on a loaf of cinnamon bread after braving the dark depths of Blazing Fury. As a true local, Kelsey has been visiting Dollywood since a young child (her favorite rides will always be Thunder Road and Country Fair Falls) and doesn’t plan on slowing down; She is excited to show you how to enjoy Dollywood in any season of life or any season of the year.
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