Dollywood Roller Coaster Sound Quiz

Do you ever just stare at the beauty of Dollywood’s roller coasters? They are really something to behold, and I think they fall amongst the best-themed coasters because of the park’s beautiful mountain setting. Have you ridden them enough times to know the twists, turns and locations of the greatest G-forces? Have you simply listened to the sounds each coaster makes?

Most may not intentionally take the time to listen to the sound of roller coasters, but even just walking around the park, you’ll notice that coaster sounds permeate the air. For example, Thunderhead is heard all around Timber Canyon and in Wildwood Grove with a roar that excites the thrill seeker’s heart.

In this video, I will present short sound clips from many of Dollywood’s roller coasters, give you a few seconds to think about it (pause the video if you need more time) and then I’ll reveal the video along with the sound. Even if you rarely ride these attractions, you may recognize the sounds they make.

Insider Tip

  • If you want to expedite your wait, purchase a TimeSaver Pass. You can choose a regular TimeSaver (for eight attractions) or TimeSaver Unlimited. Both types help with wait times at Dollywood’s most-popular rides AND guarantee seating to the most-popular shows, too!
  • In the 2022 season, Gold and Diamond Season Passholders will be able to access the TimeSaver lines for the first hour of Dollywood’s operating hours. This will give you a few additional rides on your favorite coasters every time you visit. (Note: This is in addition to the early entry on Saturdays!)
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