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Dollywood has so many restaurants and dining options, choosing what to eat is the hardest part! Here’s a rundown on each of the Dollywood restaurants and what to expect from each one.

Quick Guide-
On the Dollywood website, restaurants are described one of four ways. Here’s the difference:

Buffet: You’ll go down a line of delicious food and get to select what you like!

Concessions: A cart or small storefront that sells one variety of item (cotton candy, funnel cakes, ice cream, pork rinds)

Quick Service: You’ll walk up, place your order, and carry your food to a table you select.

Full Service: This style of restaurant will have a host seat you, a server take your order, and you may pay at the table or at the front depending on which restaurant you select.

Aunt Granny’s Restaurant presented by Lodge

Located in Rivertown Junction, Aunt Granny’s Restaurant is the perfect choice if you have kids, picky eaters, or everyone in your group wants something a little different. The buffet has a variety of foods and desserts, while the full service aspect allows you to give your feet a rest. There are restrooms located in the restaurant for easy access, the climate controlled atmosphere gives you a break from fluctuating outdoor temperatures, and kids age three and younger eat free! A host will seat you and a server will take your drink order and provide refills.

Insider Tip

Restaurants located near show venues and theaters are often busier around the time shows let out and right before they start.

Dogs N Taters
Quick Service

If you’re eating on the go, Dogs N Taters is a wonderful option. Located in Rivertown Junction near the Back Porch Theater, planning your meal near a show is a wonderful way to sit and enjoy dinner and a show to make the most of your time! Plan to stop at a restroom along your route there, as the nearest one is down the way in Rivertown Junction.

Frannie’s Famous Fried Chicken Sandwich (open seasonally)

Chicken sandwiches and a food truck? Yes, please! Check out this delicious spot in Jukebox Junction for a quick meal. Sit overlooking the stream on cute built-in benches with side tables, or head to the patio at Red’s Drive-In to watch the ducks while you dine. The nearest restrooms are just across the way, near Lightning Rod.

Front Porch Cafe
Full Service

This full service restaurant has many great options for kids and adults alike. Front Porch Cafe, located on Showstreet, offers table service, a climate-controlled atmosphere for a respite from the weather, and a wonderful ambience perfect for catching up with your group over a meal. Restrooms are located inside the building—always a good thing to know!

Grandstand Café (open seasonally)
Quick Service

Centrally-located within Country Fair, this walk-up quick service establishment offers great options with plenty of outdoor seating. With Grandstand Café on one side and Blue Ribbon Cones on the other, you have a meal and dessert all in one place! The patio of both shops provides tables with umbrellas for a quick meal before you head back to the rides and shows.

Insider Tip

Many of Dollywood's restaurants with outdoor seating offer fans during the hot months and heaters during the cool season, to keep you comfortable regardless of the weather.

Granny Ogle’s Ham ’n’ Beans presented by BUSH’S
Full Service

Located in Craftsman’s Valley, Granny Ogle’s Ham ‘n’ Beans offers a full service meal on a quaint front porch with plenty of ceiling fans to keep you comfy in the summer and heaters to keep you warm in the winter. With a menu of classic Southern food and a partial view of what’s on stage at the Valley Theater, you can get your fill and enjoy the music and dancing from next door. There are bathrooms nearby, but not inside, so stop along the way.

Hickory House BBQ
Quick Service

A walk through fast food option in Craftsman’s Valley, Hickory House BBQ will delight the barbeque fan in your group year-round. There are plenty of tables for al fresco dining, with a covered patio in addition to the collection of picnic tables in the viewing area of the eagle sanctuary. Enjoy nature’s beauty while enjoying Dollywood’s delicious barbeque. The patio is heated and enclosed during colder months. Make a bathroom stop along the way, as the nearest ones are near Blazing Fury.

Lumber Jack’s Pizza
Quick Service

Tucked along Timber Canyon, Lumber Jack’s Pizza is a great option in between your coaster cruising. Plenty of tables and a covered patio provide a nice place to rest while you enjoy your pizza, with ample shade. There are bathrooms nearby, but not in Lumber Jack’s. The open- air atmosphere and separation from the walking path provides a lovely meal spot.

Market Square Skillets
Quick Service

Regardless of how recently I’ve eaten, a stroll past Market Square Skillets in Rivertown Junction is sure to make my mouth water. With a variety of delicious meals in a convenient location with lots of patio tables with umbrellas nearby, Market Square Skillets is sure to fill you up.

Miss Lillian’s BBQ Corner
Quick Service

Conveniently located in Craftsman’s Valley, this eatery boasts outdoor seating. Nestled among the trees, it’s the ideal spot to sit and enjoy one of Dollywood’s famous turkey legs. There are a few tables in the immediate vicinity, and around the corner the Grist Mill and the Sit & Sip offer more seating options. This quick meal will fill you up in a hurry. Restrooms are located down the way in Rivertown Junction or in Owens Farm.

Miss Lillian’s Smokehouse

If any of your group members are indecisive, picky, or just like to try a little bit of everything, Miss Lillian’s Smokehouse is right up your alley! There are a variety of Southern foods, a dessert bar, and an impressive array of potato and macaroni salads along the buffet. There is limited indoor seating, with the majority of the tables on the covered patio. Ceiling fans and heaters temper the weather. Kids three and younger eat free! Stop for a bathroom break as you head here, as there are no bathrooms inside. As a bonus, many on the patio can hear and partially see performances at The Valley Theater. The outdoor seating is particularly beneficial for families with young kids, as the ambient sound provides a pleasant backdrop while also masking any extra sound coming from children. Dining during the showtimes also provides a distraction for kids, so the grown-ups can plan what to do next.

Red’s Drive-In
Quick Service

Step back in time and enjoy a burger and a milkshake in Jukebox Junction! Red’s Drive-In is a great mix of quick food and indoor or outdoor dining. Plentiful tables indoors gives you a rest from the weather, while the porch seating provides a lovely outdoor option during calmer seasons. Great for kids, this diner offers a kids meal, fun seating at booths, tables, or a high counter with swivel stools, and kid-approved food. With a toppings bar, picky eaters are easily appeased. With a restroom just across the street by Lightning Rod, Red’s is conveniently located. It does get busier when shows let out at the Pines Theater, so keep that in mind when planning your day!

Spotlight Bakery
Quick Service

If you’re weary of lines and waiting, Spotlight Bakery may be just what you’re looking for. With a variety of sandwiches and sweets, this easily accessible locale hits the spot. Located on Showstreet, there are bathrooms just outside the door, tables in the climate-controlled interior, and patio tables as well. You’ll be able to order and eat faster than a full service restaurant, but no one leaves Dollywood hungry!

Sweet Shoppe
Quick Service

Splitting an oversized sundae at the Sweet Shoppe after a busy day in the park is the sweetest way to end the day. If you notice the crowds filtering through the Emporium, the tram line is sure to be long. Why not stop and have one final treat before heading home for the day? With tables inside and bathrooms across the street near the Spotlight Bakery, it’s a great option for a break anytime. With ice cream, milkshakes and coffee too, the Sweet Shoppe has something sweet for any age.

Insider Tip

You can filter the results in the Dollywood app to show you just what you’re looking for! You can also get directions in the app, so you’ll never feel lost.

Victoria’s Pizza
Quick Service

Nestled in the Village, Victoria’s Pizza offers indoor seating and a super-kid-friendly menu (at least I don’t think my kiddos are the only ones completely obsessed with pizza!). With plentiful indoor seating and a large uncovered patio out back, Victoria’s Pizza is a crowd pleaser. It’s a great transition after you finish your exploration of The Village, and you can easily access Country Fair after you’ve finished dining. There aren’t any restrooms inside the restaurant, but The Village restrooms are nearby.

Insider Tip

Any eatery that sells fountain drinks will gladly provide you with free water to keep you hydrated!

Not to be forgotten because they each boast items worth stopping for, here are the locations categorized as concessions:

  • Blue Ribbon Cones
  • Country Cookers- Kettle Corn
  • Crossroads Funnel Cakes
  • Dippin’ Dots
  • Grist Mill (home of Dollywood’s famous cinnamon bread)
  • Lemonade Stands
  • Log Cabin- Kettle Fried Taters
  • Midway Market
  • Papaw’s Roadside Market
  • Pork Rinds
  • Showstreet Snacks
  • Sit & Sip
  • SkyView Snacks
  • Splinter’s Trailside Snacks
  • The Dog House
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