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There’s something about ordering an item that isn’t actually on the menu. Whether a restaurant has a full-blown secret menu, or you just like to customize the meal you’re ordering, it is always fun getting something unique. On my last trip to Dollywood, I set out to see if I could create some amazing menu hacks, so I stopped by three restaurants and gave it my best shot.

Hickory House BBQ

My first stop was Hickory House BBQ. There isn’t any need to try and hack this menu, because everything is already so delicious. In fact, Amusement Business magazine named Dollywood’s Hickory House BBQ the best pork barbeque of any theme park in the country, and I couldn’t agree more. Located in Craftsman’s Valley, you can find hearty portions and free smells from miles away. When I looked at the menu, I knew I had to get a loaded sandwich and put fries on it–because fries make everything better. Hickory House BBQ already offers loaded pulled pork fires, but I decided to up the ante and order it in sandwich form. Loaded with pulled pork, cheese, barbecue sauce and fries, this sandwich was completely satisfying, and I was stuffed!

Grandstand Café

The next stop was Grandstand Café located in the Country Fair section of Dollywood. Here, you can find your typical fair staples like chicken tenders, fries, hotdogs, salad and a fried chicken sandwich that has won blue ribbon awards for being so good! My approach at Grandstand Café was similar to that of Hickory House BBQ: I wanted to add fries to something and make it over the top. When I got to the cashier to order, I asked her if I could get a loaded hotdog, topped with chili cheese fries. To my surprise, she said “I think so!” and went to ask her manager how to ring it up. Dealing with friendly staff always makes the process of trying to hack a menu that much easier. After a few minutes, my order came out–messy, delicious, and oh-so-satisfying. While there, I also ordered some classic fried chicken tenders and fries, and I must say they were some of the best theme park tenders I’ve had (my 3-and-a-half-year-old daughter approved, too).

Red’s Drive-In

My last stop of the day (and these visits were spaced out proportionately, so don’t judge me) was at Red’s Drive-In. This place was a no-brainer when it comes to customizing your meal because they actually encourage it! You order yourself a somewhat basic burger, and then head over to their toppings bar to dress up your burger exactly to your liking. Do you want 15 pickles? go for it! Triple tomatoes? Why not! Seven-and-a-half onions? Sure thing! At the toppings bar, you can add whatever you like and make your burger absolutely perfect. Besides that customization, you also can add, or remove some items from the traditional menu. I went with a 4X4 bacon cheeseburger, which equated to 1 and 1/3 lbs. of flamed broiled meat—these burgers are no joke. I loaded mine with onions, an excessive amount of pickles and some lettuce. I wasn’t able to finish this burger, and luckily, I had a hungry wife who helped me out.

With all of that said, I had a lot of fun and discovered some super-tasty menu hacks at these three restaurants, and I will be sure to try more in the future. If I had to choose one that was the best for “hacking,” I would say the Red’s Drive-In burger. And out of the three items I showcased, I would say the pulled pork fry sandwich was the tastiest.

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