Dollywood: Food by the Numbers

It’s impossible to visit Dollywood without enjoying an array of tasty treats. I took a deep dive into Dollywood guests’ favorite foods, and it left me hungry for more!

Cinnamon Bread

The aroma through Craftsman’s Valley makes me throw my diet into the wind and run for the nearest entrance to the Grist Mill.

Did you Know?
There are 212,250 steaming hot loaves of cinnamon bread sold each year at the Grist Mill made with more than 1,650 lbs. of cinnamon.

Insider Tip

As a Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort and Spa guest, you can skip the line and have fresh, warm cinnamon bread delivered to your room. Now, that’s my kind of breakfast!


One of our favorite refillable Dollywood snacks is popcorn. We always have a fresh warm bucket with us to watch our favorite shows.

Did You Know?
Dollywood pops more than 614,000 lbs. of popcorn each year. That’s about four times as heavy as the Space Shuttle!

Ice Cream

Our visits to Dollywood always end with a favorite family treat – ice cream!

Did You Know?
There were 10,788 gallons of ice cream scooped last year. Which flavor do you think is the best-selling? You guessed it – chocolate!

French Fries

One of our favorite lunch treats is Red’s famous french fries.

Did You Know?
Red’s Drive-In sells 1,200 lbs. of fries in ONE DAY – pass the ketchup, please! A whopping 271,890 lbs. of fries are sold across the park in a single year.

Insider Tip

Don’t let a diet stop you from choosing Red’s Drive-In. They offer a delicious salad perfect for gluten-free guests or a healthy wrap option as well. There’s something for everyone!

Hot Dogs and Corn Dogs

Let’s talk dogs – which is your favorite? Hot dog or corn dog?

Did You Know?
Dollywood sold 99,662 corn dogs vs. 60,760 hot dogs last year. Who knew the dog with a sweet cornbread jacket is the crowd favorite!


It’s hard to resist a warm slice of pizza to round out a day at Dollywood. The battle is on between cheese and pepperoni – which is your favorite?

Did You Know?
The winner is Pepperoni! That’s right, 107,534 pepperoni pizzas are sold last year followed by more than 61,000 cheese pizzas.

Pork Rinds

One of my favorite memories with my dad was his bringing home a fresh bag of fried pork rinds.

Did You Know?
There are 225 lbs. of pork rinds boiled in ONE DAY?! More than 48,000 lbs. of pork rinds are sold over the course of a year.

Funnel Cakes

Deep fried and covered in sugar – that means a stop for funnel cakes!

Did You Know?
Dollywood makes 87,025 funnel cakes each year. The scrumptiously-delicious sugary topping takes 5,925 lbs. of powdered sugar!


A song and dance by Miss Lillian draws in a hungry crowd and while there, many will treat themselves to some barbeque.

Did You Know?
Miss Lillian’s Smokehouse cooks 320 lbs. of pork each day with more than 51,456 pieces in a year!

Apple Pie

Don’t forget to drop in for one of the biggest sweet treats available at Dollywood!

Did You Know?
Spotlight Bakery sells (on average) 29 of the 25 lb. Apple Pies each year which includes 20 pounds of apples, three cups of brown sugar and one cup of granulated sugar per pie. Now, that’s what you call a sweet treat!

Are you hungry yet? Mark your calendar for the opening of Dollywood’s 2020 season: Saturday, March 14! And be sure to grab some of your favorite Dollywood foods!

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Michelle Borja (Dollywood Insider 2019-2021), a native of East Tennessee, recalls first walking the streets of Silver Dollar City when she was just a child. She couldn’t wait to share the experience with her son and daughter. As a marketing professional, Michelle enjoys storytelling and often shares Dollywood planning tips with friends. She homeschools her children which offers flexibility to visit the park often. Their favorite getaway is a stay at Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort and Spa, which Michelle calls “their home away from home.” They complete their schoolwork by the grand piano overlooking the pool, enjoy time at Dollywood and finish their day with a sip of Dolly’s pink lemonade by the fireplace.
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