24 July 2017

My Tips on Beating the Heat at Dollywood

By | 2017-08-01T16:44:19+00:00 July 24th, 2017|Trip Planning|0 Comments

My family visits Dollywood all season long. That means that some days are HOT!! We like to get to the park as early as possible—and because we’re Season Passholders, that means we get to go in an hour earlier than park opening on Saturdays. We usually try to do the rides first, but as [...]

5 July 2017

Summer Safety Reminders

By | 2017-08-01T15:35:31+00:00 July 5th, 2017|Trip Planning|0 Comments

Visiting Dollywood this summer? We can't wait to enjoy the rides, entertainment, food, and family fun! Traveling as a family with young children and older adults, as well as being a nurse, I'm happy to share some reminders to have a safe and enjoyable visit. Beat the heat. With the temperature rising and the [...]

29 May 2017

Don’t Let Rain Dampen Your Dollywood Visit

By | 2017-09-13T13:06:39+00:00 May 29th, 2017|Trip Planning|0 Comments

As much as I’d love to pretend there’s a bubble around Dollywood and it never rains there, sometimes it does. BUT, Dollywood has so much to offer even in the rain. In fact, cloudy days can be the best days to come because you have more elbow room. The rides still run unless there’s [...]

10 April 2017

My Family’s Experience with Dollywood’s Calming Room

By | 2017-09-13T13:08:09+00:00 April 10th, 2017|Trip Planning|0 Comments

Our family recently had the opportunity to visit Dollywood, and we were able to enjoy it to our fullest potential. My kids seek adventure, enjoy new attractions, and are balls of energy, but we often reach a point when everything can feel a bit overwhelming. Whether it's too much to process, overwhelmed senses, or [...]

3 April 2017

Dollywood Parking Strategy

By | 2018-04-17T10:00:17+00:00 April 3rd, 2017|Trip Planning|0 Comments

I recently had the chance to chat with Lance Ridley, Dollywood Parking Supervisor. He was full of great information and graciously answered all my parking strategy questions. Everything you need to know to park well When you arrive at Dollywood, the first thing you’ll see is the parking booths. These open two hours before [...]

28 February 2017

Springtime in the Smokies

By | 2017-07-31T13:28:47+00:00 February 28th, 2017|Trip Planning|0 Comments

Springtime in the Smokies is always truly captivating. The bright sunshine and gentle showers coax the daffodils, tulips, and forsythia into bloom, as the dogwood and redbud trees light up the mountains with colorful cheer. Dollywood is an especially spectacular place to visit to celebrate the return of spring every year, and 2017 promises [...]

22 February 2017

Park Flow Tips

By | 2017-07-31T13:33:14+00:00 February 22nd, 2017|Trip Planning|0 Comments

When you fall in love with a place like Dollywood and you visit over and over again, you’ll pick up on things that will make your trips even better—like, do you know when it’s the best time to ride the train? How about which area of the park to hit first to avoid the [...]

10 February 2017

How to Pack for a Day at Dollywood

By | 2017-07-31T13:19:05+00:00 February 10th, 2017|Trip Planning|0 Comments

I have been to Dollywood nearly 100 times over the years—so I’ve learned a thing or two when it comes to preparing for a day at my favorite theme park. One word of advice: pack an extra pair of socks for those who plan to do the water rides! Find out what else I [...]

1 February 2017

Ride Accessibility at Dollywood

By | 2017-07-31T13:14:09+00:00 February 1st, 2017|Trip Planning|0 Comments

As theme park fans, my family enjoys fun, thrills, food, entertainment, and attractions. And yes, the shopping, of course. We love to travel, and while we seek adventure, it may be surprising to know that we also have accessibility needs. Looking at my family, you'd never know one of us has a medical condition. [...]

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