Bring-A-Friend Tickets – Everything You Need to Know

Dollywood Season Passholders receive many AMAZING benefits but one of my family’s favorite passholder perks is the Bring-A-Friend (BAF) tickets that we receive each year. There are some new updates to the 2023 BAF tickets, so whether you are a new Passholder or a returning one, this blog will examine what Bring-A-Friend tickets are, who gets them, validity dates, where to find them and how to use them this season.

What Are Bring-A-Friend Tickets, and Who Gets Them?

Bring-A-Friend tickets are a benefit that Passholders receive when a new Season Pass is purchased. Each ticket allotted acts as a one-day ticket for anyone four and older (children younger than four get in free) and allows Season Passholders to bring additional visitors to Dollywood and/or Dollywood’s Splash Country. For 2023, Bring-A-Friend tickets are more flexible than ever. How many you receive depends on which type of Season Pass(es) you purchase. For example, my family has two Gold Two-Park Season Passes and one Diamond Season Pass, so we received a total of eight Bring-A-Friend tickets to use in 2023.

Here’s the cheat sheet:

Silver – 2 BAF Tickets for Each Silver Pass Purchased; Blackout Dates Apply

Gold – 2 BAF Tickets for Each Gold Pass Purchased; No Blackout Dates

Diamond* – 4 BAF Tickets for Each Diamond Pass Purchased; No Blackout Dates

*As of Jan. 1, 2023, Diamond Season Passes are SOLD OUT for the year.

The BAF tickets are valid for the park to which your Season Pass is associated. If you have a Dollywood Season Pass, your BAF tickets are valid for Dollywood. If you have a Two-Park Season Pass, your BAF tickets are valid at either park.

When Are They Valid?

To view the Bring-A-Friend and/or Season Pass blackout dates, select your pass type below.

2023 Dollywood Silver

2023 Dollywood Gold

2023 Two-Park Silver

2023 Two-Park Gold

2023 Diamond

Bring-A-Friend blackout dates DO NOT apply to Gold and Diamond BAF tickets this year (new for 2023). If you purchased a Silver Season Pass, some BAF blackout dates will be implemented, and I advise you to check validity dates before arriving to the park.

Where Do I Find Them?

Depending on how you purchase your Dollywood Season Pass determines how you will actually receive/have access to the Bring-A-Friend tickets. If you purchase online, BAF tickets are displayed on your online account.

If you purchase at the park, physical BAF tickets are distributed onsite at the time of purchase. Purchases made over the phone will result in physical BAF tickets being mailed to your home.

How Do I Use Them?

It’s simple – pack your Bring-A-Friend ticket(s) with you to share with your guest(s), and a Dollywood host will scan the ticket(s) at the gate. For Season Passes purchased online, you can bring your BAF ticket(s) one of two ways – by logging into your account and printing your BAF ticket(s) before your trip or by simply logging into your Dollywood account from your phone upon arrival to the park and have them scanned at the gate.

If you are ever unsure of how many Bring-A-Friend tickets you have left or you happen to lose any of your physical BAF tickets, you can go to any park window and a Dollywood host can pull up your account and assist you.

Insider Tip

Passholders can now use as many BAF tickets at once as they want. You no longer have to use one BAF ticket per Passholder!

Get Creative!

Do you use ALL of your Bring-A-Friend tickets before the season ends? It’s such a great perk, you certainly don’t want to waste this opportunity. I enjoy thinking creatively: how can I use my BAF tickets to make more memories with friends and family? Here are some examples of how we have used BAF tickets through the years.

  • Christmas and/or Birthday Gift! We presented our two nieces (from Birmingham) with a weekend getaway package as an experiential birthday AND Christmas present combined. This package included two BAF tickets, a stay at Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort and Spa, Dolly t-shirts and souvenirs at the park. Because BAF tickets must be redeemed with the Passholder, it’s a great excuse for an extended family outing.
  • Something for the Parents! My brother and I have stopped giving our parents physical gifts and started presenting them with gifts of experiences. Since they had never been to Dollywood, we included Bring-A-Friend tickets and planned a stay at a cabin in the Smokies. All they really want is time with us anyway, so, win, win!
  • Girls’ Weekend! Some of my best gal pals (one from California!) came into town for a weekend away from the kids/spouses. We stayed two nights at Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort and used BAF tickets to take several of them to the park.
  • Spring Break! Several of our out-of-town friends (from Florida and Texas) came to the Smoky Mountains for spring break. We rented a cabin and treated their families with our BAF tickets!

My family and I have already started brainstorming how and when we will use our Bring-A-Friend tickets this season. Since we have eight BAF tickets this year and my son has a January birthday, he wants to spend it with several of his friends at Dollywood. We are planning to either use the BAF tickets in the spring at Dollywood or wait until the summer, rent a Retreat and use the tickets at Dollywood’s Splash Country. With any tickets remaining, we plan to invite family and friends who have never been to the parks.

Insider Tip

If anyone using a Bring-A-Friend ticket wants to upgrade to a season pass at the end of their visit, don’t forget to have them take the BAF ticket to a ticket window to get the $10 discount before they leave the park.
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