Being a Kid Without Kids

I recently had one of the very best dates EVER with my husband of 16 years. He took me to Dollywood for the day, and the kids were NOT invited to come with us. Of course we’ve been to the park many, many times and we always enjoy ourselves. Let me tell ya, though, going to Dollywood without having to go as mom or dad is a whole new experience, and one that you really need to try! Here are some of the things we did at Dollywood that made us feel like carefree kids on our special day together.

Get Pictures with Your Favorite Characters

I have dozens of photos of my kids with Dollywood characters and hosts throughout the park at various times of the year. But as the parents, we rarely, if ever, get in on those cute pics. Now it was our turn to do some fun picture-taking. Christmas is an extra great time of year because you can find Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Bumble, Clarice, Yukon, and of course, Santa Claus in the park!

Ride the Rides

We enjoyed taking ourselves on The Scrambler, Village Carousel and our personal favorite, FireChaser Express. We didn’t have to do Parent Swap or sit it out because one of our kids didn’t want to ride. And we got to ride everything together which NEVER happens. It was fantastic!

Insider Tip

I highly recommend having your kid-free kid day in the park on a weekday, when crowds tend to be lower. We never had to wait in a line for a ride all day! Woo!

Play Carnival Games

My family loves to play a few carnival games in the park on every trip, but the games we play are always dictated by which prizes my kiddos most want to win. Not this time! We got to pick the games we thought looked like the most fun. And yeah, we still walked away with a sweet prize, but this time we didn’t have to immediately hand it over to our kids!

Treat Yourself

We enjoyed a caramel hot chocolate (during the Christmas season, find it at the Sweet Shoppe on Showstreet) and didn’t even have to share. And can you even imagine how crazy awesome it is to have cinnamon bread split two ways instead of four??? It’s pretty epic, friends.

Kid Around

Finally, one of the things that was so fun about the day was simply feeling free to be a little extra silly together. We ran and skipped and leaped around like little kids, ourselves. And we even ended our day by playing in the snow that you can find at Glacier Ridge in the evenings.

I’ve been to this wonderful park so many times, and yet this experience of getting to act like a kid myself was one of the very best trips I’ve had. I will certainly make a point to do it again and I hope you will find the time to experience Dollywood like this, yourself.

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Tiffany Merritt (Dollywood Insider 2017-2019) started the blog Stuff Parents Need in 2009, seven weeks after her first child was born. She wants to share any and all helpful tips, tricks and life hacks that could remove a little (or even a lot of) chaos from the long days of parenting little ones. Tiffany has embraced the messy and beautiful season of life that she’s in and focuses her energies on making great family memories, blogging about what’s working (and sometimes what’s not) to help inform and inspire other parents, and having it all by NOT doing it all. She resides in Chattanooga, Tennessee, with her husband of 16 years and their two super rad daughters. She can’t wait to show you insider tips that will put Dollywood at the top of your bucket list before you go, and will provide you with some of your happiest family memories after you go.
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