5 Ways to Style Your Dollywood Tee

If you’re anything like me, you’re a sucker for a good graphic tee. Dollywood’s Emporium does not disappoint in the t-shirt department. The store is packed to the brim with Dollywood goodies. They have so many good graphic t-shirt options that it is hard to leave with only one in your bag.

Some people assume you can only wear your Dollywood apparel when you visit the park again, but today I wanted to share five fun ways you can wear that tee any day of the week.

When I am picking out my shirt, I am strategic. Think about what clothes you already have at home. You will want something that is versatile and can pair with different options. I chose to go with a tee that incorporated a few different colors so I would be able to pair it with more things. I also chose a tee that’s on the more “fun” side to show my personality. These tees make great conversation starters. This is probably the best part about picking a tee from Dollywood; they are fun and unique just like Dolly. This was my choice for this post:

Insider Tip

If you have kids, I would suggest grabbing them a snack from the Spotlight Bakery and leaving them to eat while you shop alone. No one should be rushed when picking the perfect Dollywood tee.

Here are five simple ways to style your Dollywood tee with things you already have in your closet.

  1. Pair with a cardigan.

This is a simple way to bring your favorite tee into fall and winter. Cardigans are a simple way to make your outfit appear well thought out and put together. Wear this to run errands, meet girlfriends for lunch or to your kids’ school. It’s an effortless way to wear your favorite tee year-round.

2. Tuck into jeans.

This one may seem simple because it is. A little front tuck into jeans allows your basic-fitting tee to become more form-fitting. I love to dress it up with cute booties. This is perfect to wear on a date night or girls’ night out. Your graphic tee and fun shoes allow your personality to shine!

3. Dress up with a skirt.

Once again, this is another simple tip but one that is often overlooked. You usually don’t think of pairing graphic tees with skirts but I beg you to start doing so. This is one of the reasons I also said to be strategic when picking your tee at the start. By making my tee colorful I knew it would pair well with a more girly skirt. Once again with the tucking-in trick: tuck your tee fully into your skirt so it becomes more form fitted. I love pairing this with cute booties as well. In the colder months, you could also incorporate your cardigan with this outfit to make it more seasonally appropriate.

4. Pair with athleticwear.

Comfy and cozy is my life motto as a mom, and graphic tees with leggings are a staple. In the summer months, you could pair them with shorts as well. To finish off the look, tie a flannel or long-sleeved shirt. This is the perfect look for everyday life, and also for your next visit to Dollywood.

5. Knot tie your tee.

Yet again, this is another simple tip. I would suggest sizing up in your tee for this style. You can pair this look with leggings but I enjoy pairing it with a more form-fitted dress. You put the tee on over your dress and then knot-tie it to your liking. Once again, this is a fun look for a date night or girls’ night out. Depending on the length of your dress, you can make this work for any season. As I said earlier, feel free to bring that cardigan along for the colder months.

I hope these small tips helped you think of new ways to style your Dollywood tees. If you do not yet have a tee, you will walk through the Dollywood Emporium on your way out of the park. I suggest leaving yourself 15-30 minutes so you are not rushed in your shopping. There are so many fun choices, and I cannot wait to see how you style your tee this season!


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