5 Reasons Why Dragonflier is Unique

When it opens next month, Dragonflier will be one of the star attractions at Wildwood Grove—Dollywood’s largest expansion ever.

As Dollywood’s ninth roller coaster, Dragonflier will offer a totally new experience unlike any other coaster at the park.

Below are five reasons why Dragonflier is unique and why it will be a must-ride at Wildwood Grove!

1. Dragonflier is Dollywood’s first suspended roller coaster.

Never has Dollywood offered guests the chance to hang below the track on a roller coaster. Commonly referred to as a “suspended” roller coaster, Dragonflier’s train is “suspended” beneath the track. This means that your legs will dangle below you as you fly through the twists and turns – very fitting for a coaster named after a flying insect.

Plus, the comfy lap bars that keep you safe and secure give you an unobstructed view, which means you’ll have even more freedom to enjoy the breeze as you fly through the air.

2. Dragonflier drops underground.

Dragonflier will feature an underground tunnel at the bottom of its first drop. But unlike any other Dollywood coaster, Dragonflier will emerge over a small pond, giving the illusion that the Dragonflier is skimming the water. It will be as exciting to watch as it is to ride, so onlookers can enjoy the experience as well.

3. Dragonflier soars alongside water geysers.

As the Dragonflier train emerges from the tunnel, geyser-like water jets will blast water into the air. Though you won’t get drenched like on Smoky Mountain River Rampage, weaving around the geysers will be a thrilling addition to the ride experience.

4. Dragonflier keeps a low profile – literally.

While many Dollywood roller coasters like Wild Eagle stand high above the ground, much of Dragonflier’s twisting and turning bright green track stays close to the ground.

And considering that your legs will dangle freely below the track, this ground-hugging ride experience will be even more thrilling and unlike anything else at Dollywood.

5. Dragonflier is as quiet as a…dragonfly.

Much like the insect itself, Dragonflier will remain relatively quiet, especially for a roller coaster. While there’s no escaping the booming roar of the nearby Thunderhead wooden coaster, Dragonflier won’t be nearly as loud. In fact, the loudest noise coming from the ride just might be those of us who are screaming!

Further dampening the coaster’s noise level, Dragonflier will use a drive tire-style lift hill. Instead of a traditional click-clack chain lift, Dragonflier’s six-story lift hill is lined with pairs of small tires that rotate opposite of one another, gently and quietly lifting the roller coaster train to its peak.

Dragonflier will make its debut when Wildwood Grove opens on May 10. You won’t want to miss it!

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