5 Reasons Not to Skip Hidden Hollow in Wildwood Grove

Parents, what do you look forward to most when taking your kids to a theme park? If you’re anything like me, I always have this beautiful image in my head of smiles and laughter and everyone getting along at all times.

Fast forward to reality and sometimes the image in your head doesn’t line up with what’s currently in front of you. You’re hot and tired. The kids are hot and tired. Or maybe you see a storm brewing overhead and you’re worried that your big day at Dollywood is about to be ruined.

Not so fast, my friend! Turn that frown upside down and take a break inside Dollywood’s newest area, Wildwood Grove. Step even further into the new area and discover the most amazing place that will make everyone happy: Hidden Hollow.

What is Hidden Hollow? Why Do I Want to Go There?

Hidden Hollow is, literally, a hidden gem inside Wildwood Grove. Kids and parents alike will be easily entertained by all the wonderful rides, foods, and play areas outside, but I think it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Hidden Hollow is the perfect spot for everyone in the family from the youngest babes all the way up to the oldest grandparents. My fellow insiders and I have five great reasons not to skip Hidden Hollow on your next Dollywood visit.

Hidden Hollow is Indoors

Easily, the number one reason to visit Hidden Hollow is that it is totally indoors. Climate- controlled fun? Yes, please! Whether you’re visiting Dollywood in the summer, spring, fall or winter, having an option to take the kids to a large play area indoors is quite a treat.

Play Areas for All Ages

Not all indoor play areas are created alike. Some are too “little” for those elementary school aged kids in the family, and some are too “old” for the toddlers in your group. Hidden Hollow can accommodate everyone! A separate toddler area allows the “big” kids to play in the same building as their younger siblings without mom and dad worrying that their little ones might get overwhelmed by the bigger kids playing in the exact same space.

Plenty of Seating for Families

One of my biggest complaints as a parent at an indoor or outdoor play space is the lack of seating for parents. When children reach the age of safe, independent play, it’s nice for parents to have a place to sit and supervise playtime. Hidden Hollow has ample, comfortable seating for parents who need a break from walking around Dollywood (or chasing those little ones)!

Hidden Hollow is Safe

Everything in Hidden Hollow is designed to encourage exploration and creative play. Safe exploration is the name of the game for both the big kid and toddler areas. From the flooring to the climbing nets to the slides, everything in Hidden Hollow was created with parents and kids in mind, especially when it comes to safety.

Hidden Hollow is Kid-Approved

Finally, don’t take my word for it, listen to these kids! I asked a few Dollywood Insiders to share what their kids thought about Hidden Hollow, and this is what they had to say:

“My son loved it! He loves all of the unique elements like the ‘bouncy’ things, pogo sticks, and the ninja courses. I love that it’s air conditioned; I can sit down and I can see my child anywhere he is on the structure.”

Heather W., Dollywood Insider

“My daughter-in-law loved that adults are permitted to go up in the play structures too! For children who are more apprehensive, that gives them a great comfort level so they can try more things! We also like the area just for younger children (close to the entrance door). It’s nice to not have to worry about older kids knocking the smaller ones down.”

Kelly H., Dollywood Insider

“We all loved it! The kids loved getting a break from waiting in line and getting to climb and play, while we as parents loved getting to rest for a few minutes.”

Christine, Dollywood Insider

As you can see, Hidden Hollow is really a great place to recharge for kids of all ages. Make sure you plan a stop at this exciting new space the next time you’re in Dollywood!

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About the Author:

Sarah Gilliland (Dollywood Insider 2018-2019) hails from the suburbs of Birmingham, Alabama, and has been visiting Dollywood regularly for the past three years. When she’s not visiting her favorite theme parks, Sarah loves to write for her blog Sarah in the Suburbs as well as other popular websites like TravelingMom.com and the Birmingham Moms Blog. Sarah has been married to her husband, Neil, a software developer, for almost 10 years, and they have rambunctious, fun-loving, 7-year-old twin daughters. In her spare time, Sarah enjoys reading, binge watching the latest Netflix shows, and volunteering at her girls’ school. She is very excited to be a Dollywood Insider this year, and she cannot wait to share her tips and tricks for enjoying the parks with your family!
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